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 ESW stumbles upon Harry Scary..

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Harry Scary

Harry Scary

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PostSubject: ESW stumbles upon Harry Scary..   Mon Apr 05 2010, 16:42

Tammy Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that we are going to have our very first interview with the newcomer, Harry Scary. But first, we have to find him.

*The camera looks around and finally finds Harry Scary walking around nervously backstage like he's looking for something*

Tammy Roberts: We have found him Ladies and Gentlemen. HARRY SCARY!!!

Harry Scary: Huh?! What?! WHO SAID THAT!

*Harry Scary turns around ready to fight, looking like he's had the shock of his life, but calms down when he sees that its only ESW's Tammy Roberts*

Tammy Roberts: Harry Scary, over here!

*Harry Scary walks nervously towards Tammy Roberts, smiling weakly and looking restless.*

Tammy Roberts: Everybody here in ESW is excited about having you here in ESW. The fans cannot wait to see you pull off incredible matches. So I have a few questions for you. I've got to ask..

*Harry Scary apologetically interrupts Tammy Roberts*

Harry Scary: Sor.. Sorry but I.. I've also got a few questions for you.

*Harry Scary starts to stammer due to himself being very nervous.*

Tammy Roberts: I see you are getting nervous. No worries at all, I know it is your first interview so try to relax a bit.

*Harry Scary starts to look more nervous and starts to perspire a bit*

Tammy Roberts: I've got to ask you this, how do you feel about being here in ESW?

Harry Scary: Yo.. You see Tammy, the feeling is great around ESW. The fans are lou.. loud and suppor.. supportive, the staff here is intelligent and hardwo.. hardworking. The boss is friendly an.. and helpfulll. I mea.. mean, it is g.. gr.. GRREATTT!!! just to be here.

*Tammy Roberts chuckles a bit as it is obvious that Harry Scary looks overly nervous in his first ESW interview. Tammy tries to hold back her laughter and continues with her interview*

Tammy Roberts: So Harry, do you think you can live up to the fans' expectations?

Harry Scary: Ye.. Yes I can, I mean, I be.. believe I have the abilities to do.. do it.

*Harry Scary is starting to perspire profusely and looks ridiculously nervous. He is also starting to feel very uneasy and begin to pace and hop up and down to relieve himself of the immense stress and untold pressure of his very first interview.*

Tammy Roberts: Ok, ok!! I can see that you are feeling very uneasy now, so last question and then you can leave. What can the fans expect from you? What can you bring to the fans, and what is it that makes Harry Scary so unique?

Harry Scary: First of all Tammy, I want to tell you that I am all about Jus.. Justice and fans can feel saf.. safe watching ESW. I have no qualms in helping them if they need me. Fans should have trust in me and in justice, a.. as Justice will definitely help you find the right way in life. As for what the fans can expect from me and whhh.. what makes me unique, we.. well you will just have to Beware of the Harry Scary's Secret Hidden Technique.

Tammy Roberts: Wow, you're still able to say your catchphrase properly even when you are this nervous. I am sure the fans will be very interested to find out about your hidden technique and so will I. Well that is the end of the interview. Thank you, Harry Scary.

*Tammy Roberts proceeds to walk away.*

Harry Scary: WWWAITTT!!! I still have no.. not asked m..my question ye.. YET!!

Tammy Roberts: Oh yes! Go ahead!

*Harry Scary smiles weakly and looks very embarrassed.*

Harry Scary: Since the st.. start of the in.. inter.. interview I have always want.. wanted to ask you thi.. thisss bu.. but whe.. where the hell is the bathroom!?

*Tammy Roberts looks at Harry Scary with her mouth wide open and a look of utter defeat on her face*

Rodrick Jackson: HAHAHA! This guy's a clown, Niko!

Niko Scott: Well Rod, I'll reserve my judgement. He's travelled around and wrestled in Japan, so its not like he has no experience!

Tammy Roberts: Umm???!!!! It is over there.

*Suddenly, Harry Scary's expression changes into one of relief. Excited over the answer and not nervous anymore, he starts to race in the direction in which Tammy pointed to*

Harry Scary: Really!! It is over THERE!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! See you!!

Tammy Roberts: Well.. Ladies and Gentlemen, Harry Scary... LOOK OUT!!!!

*Harry Scary crashes directly into the camera man, causing the studio lights to fall and both of them to fall down and clash heads. The camera falls just in position to catch both Harry Scary and the camera man knocked out cold, lighting and equipment strewn all over the place*

Niko Scott: HAHA!! He was nervous just because he wanted to go to the gents! Interesting days lie ahead with this man in our company! And he will improve just like in Japan, don't you think, Rod?

*Rodrick Jackson shakes his head and facepalms*

Rodrick Jackson: I don't know what to expect from a man who's favourite wrestler is YOSHIHIKO! A blow-up doll! I don't know Nik, he has credentials like being a champion in Judo, but I don't know...
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ESW stumbles upon Harry Scary..
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