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PostSubject: CMPUNISHER's Debut   Thu Apr 08 2010, 04:24

Tammy Roberts: Hello Everybody, I'm here with the new addition to our ESW's Roster, CMPU... but where the hell is he?

-The lights goes off and and a spot of light illuminates a man with sunglasses and a black jacket-

*Crowd Cheers and Tammy Screams*

CMPUNISHER: I'm glad to come to ESW because I'm tired of seeing this bunch of idiots wrestling. They waist the time of fans of what the real wrestling is and what the real extreme is. Because of that I'm here to kick every single ass of bastards that get in my way.

*Half crowd is cheering while the rest of the people are booing*

CMPUNISHER: I promisse to everyone that I'll be the ESW Extremist Champion because the hardcore flows in my veins and I'm ready to use every weapon to get what I want. I don't care who will be my opponent, I will punish him until he tap out or cry like a baby. Because I'm the Extreme Soul of this company and the Baddest Motherfuck* here.

-He laughs and the spot of light goes off. The lights returns showing a scared Tammy Roberts alone-

Tammy Roberts: Wh...Wha..What was that? Where is the CMPUNISHER?

-Another dark laughter echoes and Tammy runs away screaming-


-CMPUNISHER appears in the front of the camera and takes the sunglasses off-

CMPUNISHER: Are you Ready for the Punishment?

*The Crowd goes insane with CMPUNISHER, and cheers him like never before*
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