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 Justice is Scary...? (Harry Scary Feud Starter)

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PostSubject: Justice is Scary...? (Harry Scary Feud Starter)   Mon Apr 12 2010, 20:05

*The light dims and the stage gets smoky as the melancholy music of the Bameister hits*

Rodrick Jackson: Hide your children, Niko, its him!

Niko Scott: Oh no, after the last time out, I said I had a bad feeling. What does this psycho want now?

*The Bameister emerges from behind the curtain and walks onto the stage. He takes a few steps before pausing and looking out into the crowd. He shakes his head in a disapproving manner before taking off his sunglasses and staring into the crowd again. The crowd's jeers threaten to overpower his theme music as he walks down the ramp towards the ring.*

Jimmy Hall: Ladies and Gentlemen, standing at 6"0 and weighing in at 224 pounds, the Ten of Swords, THE BAMEISTER!

Rodrick Jackson: The man with the brutal logic of justice! Power is justice, fight fire with a bigger flame! I kinda like this guy!

Niko Scott: Like him!? He'll snap your neck without a second thought! Just listen to the crowd here tonight! How can anyone accept his twisted philosophy!?

*The boos echo throughout the arena, a member of the crowd starts shouting abuse at The Bameister while he's walking down the ramp, but quickly sits down when he receives a glare. The Bameister walks up the ring steps and gets into the ring. He walks around for a few moments before asking for a microphone. The music fades away.*

The Bameister: All you sad, misguided, virulent spawns.

*The crowd boos*

The Bameister: Have you all not realised? I am the one who's going to bring you justice, to bring you peace once and for all. To eradicate the violence for which all of you bloodthirsty barbarians chant for each week. I'm going to stop your cheering of your false heroes. A new dawn of justice has arrived at ESW, and I am the face of that new dawn.

*The crowd jeers even louder as The Bameister puts down his microphone for a moment to walk around the ring and look out into the arena.*

Rodrick Jackson: He's a guy with real leadership, Nik! You gotta admire that!

Niko Scott: I'm not even going to bother trying to understand your logic, Rod. Or understanding this guy walking about in the ring.

*The crowd starts a soft chanting of a name, barely audible at first. The Bameister gets a slight smirk on his face before raising the microphone back up to his lips.*

The Bameister: And you continue to cheer for your "heroes". Those who do nothing but bring harm to people. They are nothing but savages. You all must think me mad, but there's a method to my madness. I will bring more harm and hurt to your heroes each and everytime you chant louder for them. As your cheers get louder, so will their screams...

*The Bameister's rant is cut short when Harry Scary's music hits.*

*The crowd is going wild, people are jumping up and down and shouting at the top of their lungs. The camera focuses on The Bameister's face, which shows no reaction, just a cold emotionless stare towards the stage.*

Niko Scott: He's here! Harry Scary is here Rod! Just listen to the fans!

Rodrick Jackson: This clown? No wonder the Bameister looks unimpressed!

Niko Scott: This "clown", may I remind you, is well versed in martial arts and is more than a handful in fights! I'd like to see him shut this psycho in the ring up!

*The camera switches backstage to show Harry Scary on his way to the ring and the crowd cheers and start chanting his name louder and louder...*
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Harry Scary

Harry Scary

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PostSubject: Re: Justice is Scary...? (Harry Scary Feud Starter)   Tue Apr 13 2010, 19:35

*The camera follows Harry Scary walking backstage, on his way to the ring, his name being chanted and echoing throughout the whole venue. His music continues playing as he is walking. The camera switches back into the ring to show The Bameister starting to look impatient*

*Harry Scary finally finds the curtain and uses both hands to throw it apart and walks straight out... into a wall*

Rodrick Jackson: What the hell is this idiot doing? He spent all that time just to walk into a concealed wall?

Niko Scott: Well, he is new around here, Rod, and he is kinda infamous for his poor directional skills.

*Harry Scary kicks the wall in disbelief before continuing on his journey to the ring, this time walking even faster. The fans cheer and laugh at his antics and chant his name, hoping for the sound to direct him to the ring*

Crowd: Har-ry Sca-ry! -clap clap clapclapclap- Har-ry Sca-ry!

*As Harry Scary's theme song starts to fade out and starts playing for the 2nd time, the camera switches back to the Bameister in the ring, who has taken a steel chair from ringside and is sitting down looking slightly angry*

Niko Scott: My goodness, looks like his infamous directional skills are poorer than I thought. I'm sure he'll make it to the ring soon enough folks! We'll be right back after this!

-----------------------------------------Commercial Break-----------------------------------------

*The camera fades back in from commercial. We join Harry Scary as he's somehow managed to find his way to the outside of the arena. He is seen purchasing tickets to the show and having a frustrated security guard lead the way out to the ring*

Jimmy Hall: Ladies and Gentlemen, standing at 6"4 and weighing in at 248 pounds, from Okinawa, Japan... HARRY SCARY!

*The crowd in the arena goes wild as Harry Scary appears inside the crowd and runs towards the ring, high fiving a few fans as he goes past them. He finally makes it over the barricade and grabs a microphone before sliding into the ring, looking slightly tired and coming face to face with a livid Bameister*

Harry Scary: How are all of you tonight!?

*The crowd cheers and chants Harry Scary's name again*

The Bameister: After wasting 10 minutes of my life, that's all you came here to say? You know what? I could easily unleash my brand of justice on you right here, right now, I could make you scream in pain as these degenerates watch on in horror, but you're not worth my time. Now get out of my ring.

*The crowd starts to boo, but Harry Scary interrupts*

Harry Scary: Don't boo him! He's an interesting guy, don't you think? We both believe in justice! But my friend, you are the misguided one in your so called "justice", not these fans. But fear not, true justice will help you find the right way in life, and I will help you too.

The Bameister: Go away.

Harry Scary: Come on, buddy! Huh, pal? We could be great partners in justice!

The Bameister: Leave me alone, or I will snap you like a twig.

*The crowd begins to laugh at the exchange between the two, and Harry Scary's friendly demeanour towards the Bameister*

Niko Scott: What the hell is Bameister's problem, Rod? This guy could help him!

Rodrick Jackson: Hahaha, I don't think the Bameister wants or needs anyone's help, Niko. And I'd like to see him fulfill his promise of snapping someone like a twig. We have yet to see the Bameister's feared finisher, the Negation.

*Harry Scary now has his hand on The Bameister's shoulder, trying to convince him about the error of his ways. The Bameister looks back at Harry Scary with a look in his eyes like he's about to explode*

Harry Scary: These fans would love you if you came to the right side of justice! As I said before, justice will help you find the righ...

*The Bameister picks up the steel chair he was sitting on and hits Harry Scary over the head. Harry Scary doesn't go down, but is still dazed. The Bameister tackles Harry Scary down with a double leg takedown, before locking in a kneebar, executing his finisher, the Negation*


*The camera focuses in on Harry Scary grabbing the ropes, tapping out, screaming and trying to hit the Bameister, doing everything he can to try and get out of the hold. His struggling soon stops as he starts looking like he's about to lose consciousness from the pain. The Bameister lets go of his patented hold, and looks at Harry Scary, and then the crowd in disgust. His theme song starts playing as he walks to the back to a chorus of jeers, leaving Harry Scary lying in pain in the ring.*

Rodrick Jackson: Hahahaha, that's what you get Niko, that's what you get for trying to fix what ain't broken.

Niko Scott: AIN'T BROKEN!? DID YOU SEE THE BAMEISTER? HE'S A FREAKING PSYC.. You know what, I'm not going to talk to you for a while.
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Justice is Scary...? (Harry Scary Feud Starter)
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