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 The arrival of the Ninja

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PostSubject: The arrival of the Ninja   Tue Apr 13 2010, 21:15

The Titantron comes on and Michelle is standing in the parkinglot as A black '69 charger pulls into the ESW parkinglot

Michelle:Is this who i'm supposed to be waiting for?

Cameraman: I don't know...

Michelle: Why not?

The cameraman mutters something but it isnt picked up by the mic

Michelle: I'm going to go find out

Michelle walks over to the car as a man wearing black jeans, a black longsleeve shirt, a mask, Dark sunglasses, and a black leather jacket steps out

???:You must be Michelle

Michelle:Ya that's me...who are you?

???: All in good time

Michelle: Well are you one of the new wrestlers?

???: Ya. If I wasn't do you think you would be here asking questions?

the cameraman laughs

Michelle: Well no...and shut up!

???: You'll find out more soon enough...

Michelle:Well why did you come to ESW at least?

???:To help a friend win the tag titles...now if you'll excuse me

The man walks by and enters the building

Vince White: Did you hear that..great another tag team is here and we don't even know who is in it!

Tony Jacobs: Well I think we'll find out soon enough

(scene fades)
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The arrival of the Ninja
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