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 I'M DONE!!!

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PostSubject: I'M DONE!!!   Wed Apr 14 2010, 13:37

*No Name's muzic hits as the fans show mixed reactions*

*No Name stares at the fans while he waits for the song to fade...*

No Name: I'm sick and tired to issue open challenges and waiting for a response in vain!! If nobody wants to face me im just gonna wait for the contract to expire and go on to my business !!
[b]* Fans are booing in response*

No Name : I wasnt even in the first show's card ,even though I DESERVE IT the most!!!
I'm no longer gonna wait, IM DONE!!
* No Name drops the mic to the floor and leaves the stage*
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PostSubject: Re: I'M DONE!!!   Thu Apr 15 2010, 01:55

What the fuck! You in a match for friday, calm the fuck down, if this is real, as in your gunna leave ESW for real, then you stupid, I can see you haven't been in a fed before neither, you dumb, you need to read the rules, otherwise no ones gunna hire your ass. But if this is fake, as in just an rp, ten, err, why?! But maybe I'll think of putting in sho, but besides that, if your serious, then go, even though it'd be good for you to stay, idc, ill replace you like that!! Someone better too.
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PostSubject: Re: I'M DONE!!!   Thu Apr 15 2010, 03:00

*No Name is walking out, but suddenly Damage Incorporated's Theme hits*

*El Bueno comes down to the ramp, blocking No Name's path, The crowd suddenly gets frantic*

El Bueno: So, that's it?, leavin' so soon esse?, no no no, you see, this party is just getting stated... I'll have to admit homes, i havent really payed any attention to you until now, i mean, take a good look at yourself esse, you're just loco if you think someone will take you seriously around here, coming down to the ring, making open challenges, you just think too highly of yourself esse, you should change your name to "NOBODY"... anyways, while you were here acting like some big shot superstar, bitching about no one facing you, i was with my hermano Vic, listening to all that crap, iching to come down here and kick your puny culo and teach you one or two lessons about who call the shots around E.S.W., so i just had to come esse, i had to come here to tell you, that this dream of yours, of getting your ass kicked soooo bad is going to come true... next week esse, get yourself ready, 'cuz you'll be facing El Bueno homes, see ya next week...

*El Bueno starts walking towards the backstage*

No Name: Wait a se...

*El Bueno turns back and suddenly hits No Name in the face with a Steel Chain, the impact is so hard that No Name falls unconcious to the ground while busted wide open*

El Bueno: I said, see ya next week...

*El Bueno walks out to the backstage*
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PostSubject: Re: I'M DONE!!!   

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