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 Trey Songz comes out dissing

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PostSubject: Trey Songz comes out dissing   Fri Apr 16 2010, 03:47

The camera moves to Trey Songz is walking

The camera follows him as he walks into the Press Conference Room

Press: So Skunk, how to you react to a close match in the opener?

Skunk: Close? I don't care what Trey did in his last company, this is a new era...my era, the Skunk Warrior era.

Trey Songz busts in and grabs the mic form Skunk.

Trey: Yo, I'm really happy for and Ima let you finish, but it's time to beat your ass boy.

Trey Songz dives at Skunk and begins beating him down

Security and the press come break it up after the scuffle



(Kojo, can you rp in this, i dont who the gm is so you'll have to do this part.
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PostSubject: Re: Trey Songz comes out dissing   Sat Apr 17 2010, 00:43


*Kojo Styles walks in the conference room and shouts*


Kojo Styles: HEY!! You fool's, don't you not see that this isn't the ring!! The ring is out side in the arena!! and you know what, I think we have are self a match tonight!! That's right Skunk Warrior facing of with Trey Songz, yes you Songz!! You'll be getting some pay back tonight, but beware, your facing a freak after all!!

*Skunk Runs up to Trey Songz and spears him on the coffee table the security grabs both and escorts them out of the room*


Skunk Warrior: Beware, watch your back Trey!!


*Skunk can be seen blowing some blue smoke out of his mouth as the room fills up with it*


Vince White: Wow! HAHA, look's like it's offical Ladies and Gentlemen!!


Tony Jacobs: Wait, what going on?!


*All of a sudden everyone fall to the ground, Kojo, Security, Trey and The Press, all except for Skunk Warrior*


Tony Jacobs: What in the world!!


Vince White: What a freak!! I told you that man was weird.


*Sene fades out as everyone is on the ground coughing as Skunk walks away*

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Trey Songz comes out dissing
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