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 No More Icons (CMPUNISHER vs Super Icon Feud)

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PostSubject: No More Icons (CMPUNISHER vs Super Icon Feud)   Tue Apr 20 2010, 02:07

*CMPUNISHER's theme echoes in the arena and the crowd cheers *

CMPUNISHER: I'm tired of this. Stupid people proclaiming themselves as an Icon and the worst is that the crowd applauds idiots like these. You people are morons?

*The crowd are booing*

Oh! You didn't like it? Whatever, I really don't care. But what was I talking about...? Oh Yeah! I was talking about a person that's pissing me off and the name of this as*hole is Super Icon. A person that's proclaiming themselves as "Super" and "Icon" has to be a retarded. First he never beat, and never will, the best and brutal wrestler in the world today so he don't deserve this name. But I deserve this name. Because I'm the Future Icon of Extreme, not a child who still wears diapers.

*The crowd still booing*

Shut up! The greatest wrestler in this company deserves more respect! Because I'll be a Champion and not that...

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Uryu Ishida

Uryu Ishida

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PostSubject: Re: No More Icons (CMPUNISHER vs Super Icon Feud)   Tue Apr 20 2010, 20:37

dont swear in your rp's please edit this
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PostSubject: Re: No More Icons (CMPUNISHER vs Super Icon Feud)   Thu Apr 22 2010, 22:39

*comes in the ring with a mic*

Super Icon:CMPUNISHER who the heck do you think you are ?

Super Icon:to let you know i am the Icon of ESW and the Savior to the fans and i know that these Fans are Threatened by You so if you think your tought face me in the ring on Friday and ill show you a lesson you wont Forget!!

*drops mic and leaves ring*
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PostSubject: Re: No More Icons (CMPUNISHER vs Super Icon Feud)   

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No More Icons (CMPUNISHER vs Super Icon Feud)
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