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 Rematch!(to Aeon Clock)

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PostSubject: Rematch!(to Aeon Clock)   Tue Apr 20 2010, 15:18

*the crowd is cheering after the last match they saw*

*suddenly the lights focus on the ramp and you can hear Ganadriel's music playing*

*Ganadriel appears in his usual wrestling clothes ready to fight and with a mic in his hand*

Ganadriel: Two weeks ago I was injured badly by Aeon Clock. The doctors told me not to fight, but i tought i can take Aeon even while being injured.

Tony Jacobs: Now that is indeed an interesting news. I think no one knew he was that badly injured. He was really brave to fight against Aeon like that and still put up a good fight. Now I understand why the fans love him so much.

Vince White: I doubt anything he said is true. I mean he didn't see a bit of pain in his eyes. He's just a fake!

*the crowd boos after hearing the decision of the doctors*

Ganadriel: Last week Aeon proved me that he isn't that week and I admit I underestimated him. But this week, I got the "green light" from the doctors, and I am fit to play again.

*the crowd chants Ganadriel's name*

Tony Jacobs: Now that is a news everyone wanted to hear! Just listen to the crowd. I am happy he got well too. Now he can kick Aeon's ass!!!

Vince White: Well? What do you mean? He never had anything. He is just finding lame excuses because he lost twice in a row.

Tony Jacobs: Oh shut up already and let him finish what he wants to say.

Ganadriel: I am here tonight to talk to Aeon about a rematch. It is 1-1 in victories after all so nothing is settled yet!

Tony Jacobs: Whoa! Now that is an announcement. We might have a rematch tonight!

Vince White: 1-1? What does he mean? It is obviously 2-0 for Aeon!

*the crowd goes nuts*

Ganadriel: I am here Aeon, and i won't leave until you won't show your face and say you agree!

(Aeon you can continue:) )
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Rematch!(to Aeon Clock)
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