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 Harry Scary's Logic on Justice, wants to help The Bameister (Week 2 Feud)

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Harry Scary

Harry Scary

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PostSubject: Harry Scary's Logic on Justice, wants to help The Bameister (Week 2 Feud)   Thu Apr 22 2010, 16:52

*Niko Scott is in the ring about to announce something*

Niko Scott: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we have a special guest with a special annoucement. I am pleased to welcome Harry Scary into the ring.

*The crowd starts cheering wildly as Harry Scary's theme song hits*

Rodrick Jackson: This clown has something to announce? What can he say? That his win against The Bameister was a fluke. Whatever he has to say, it is sure to be a damn JOKE!!

*After a few minutes, Harry Scary still does not appear and his theme song fades out and starts playing for a second time*

Rodrick Jackson: Yet again the same thing HAPPENS!! I am sure this joker needs a map and compass even in his own home!

Niko Scott: I am sure Harry wants more cheers and applause. I'm sure Harry will find his way. So give it up for my man, Harry Scary!!!

*The crowd starts to cheer harder and louder for Harry Scary as his theme song starts playing for the second time. Niko Scott is seen asking a cameraman to go backstage to check on the whereabouts of Harry Scary*

Niko Scott: Show us the backstage footage on the titantron please.

*The cameraman goes backstage looking for Harry Scary and finally finds him.. at the popcorn vendor buying popcorn*

Cameraman: Mr Scary, what in the world are you doing here!? You're wanted out in the ring!

Harry Scary: Huh? I can't buy popcorn? I really wanted some popcorn!

*The cameraman pauses for a few seconds after hearing that, thinking hard how to answer such a ridiculous question. The crowd also laughs at how thick Harry Scary is as they continue to cheer him on*

Rodrick Jackson: What the hell is wrong with this idiot, buying popcorn in the middle of a show?!

Cameraman: Yes you may, but you must hurry down to ringside at once and yes I will bring you there.

*The cameraman feels disgusted by Harry Scary, but Harry Scary looks overjoyed by the cameraman's answer and starts buying the popcorn before leaving to head towards the ring, popcorn in one hand, and a chinese spear in the other hand*

Niko Scott: Don't you fans think Harry Scary loves to entertain?

*Fans scream in approval*

Rodrick Jackson: Another minute of this screw-up clown will make my blood boil at his stupidity.

*Harry Scary's theme hits for an amazing third time before he is seen making his way to the ring*

Jimmy Hall: Ladies and Gentlemen, standing at 6"4 and weighing in at 248 pounds, from Okinawa, Japan... HARRY SCARY!

*The crowd gives him a standing ovation as Harry Scary makes his way to the ring. He gives fans high fives here and there and gives a little child his popcorn before entering the ring*

Niko Scott: Ladies and Gentlemen, as you all know, Harry Scary earned his maiden win here last week against The Bameister. So Harry, what special announcement do you have for us today?

Harry Scary: You know Nik, before that I would love to ask you a question. Why the hell does the cameraman who led me out into the ring look terribly familiar?

*Fans starts to laugh at Harry Scary's question as the cameraman in question was the one Harry Scary crashed into at his first backstage interview last week, knocking both the cameraman and himself out cold*

Niko Scott: Trust me Harry, you don't wanna know.

Rodrick Jackson: It is because even the cameraman is able to knock you out cold!

Harry Scary: It's okay, tonight I am here because of one man whose name I can't even remember. Even though he lost to me in a match, I have to tell you his finisher submission hold which I can't remember either is absolutely painful, I had to ice my legs backstage after that.

Niko Scott: Harry, his name is The Bameister and his feared submission hold is called The Negation.

Harry Scary: Okay. Mister Bam and Niigata. You know Mister Bam, I seriously don't know why you named your finisher after a place in Japan, but if you really wanted to do that you can call it Okinawa. It sounds better too.

*Niko looks amused by Harry Scary's speech because he knows Harry comes from Okinawa*

Rodrick Jackson: IT IS THE BAMEISTER AND THE NEGATION!!! DAMMIT!!! That is a hell of a disrespect by a guy you call a HERO!! THAT CLOWN deserves another NEGATION!!!

Niko Scott: Sorry Harry, I am sorry to interrupt but maybe you didn't hear me properly, it is The Bameister and The Negation.

Harry Scary: Oh right, The Bam Mister and The Negative. Now The Bam Mister, calling Negative your finisher makes you sound dull and restless. Why don't you call it Positive? At least it makes you sound vibrant.

Rodrick Jackson: For the LAST TIME!!! I hope THE BAMEISTER SNAPS HIM LIKE A TWIG!!!!

*Fans starts to cheer for Harry Scary as they clap*

Niko Scott: I hope you don't mind Harry, but really he is called The Bameister and his finisher The Negation.

Harry Scary: Position??!! Why the hell it is called Position? But you know Nik, I hope you don't mind too, because I don't give a damn even if it is called NATION!! What matters is that I hope I will not get locked in that submission again.

*Fans continued to cheer and clap for him*

Harry Scary: My win over you might be a fluke, it might be because I am really lucky but it shows that my logic of justice is much more stronger than yours, and if you are willing to relent, justice will always help you find the right ways in life, and I will most definitely help you change your twisted logic on justice. Even my trusted spear right here nicknamed "Justice Have Long Arms" can help you turn over a new leaf. Justice is not about violence, it is about righting the wrongs and most definitely you are in the wrong. So I am inviting you, Mister Bam, to come out here so we can settle our differences and start being buddies and do good in the name of justice!!

Rodrick Jackson: I am hoping to see how the big mouth donkey deals with a much more skillful man than himself. Folks, have a look at Harry Scrawny for the last time as he bites the dust.

(Bameister to continue)

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PostSubject: Re: Harry Scary's Logic on Justice, wants to help The Bameister (Week 2 Feud)   Thu Apr 22 2010, 19:44

(you should use olive as your colour. kojo is using red, plus most of my promos I'm using darkred, so it might get confusing.)

*The arena lights go out as the music of the Bameister hits. The crowd starts to jeer and hiss at the sound of his dark theme.*

Jimmy Hall: Ladies and Gentlemen, standing at 6"0 and weighing in at 224 pounds, the Ten of Swords, THE BAMEISTER!

*The Bameister appears at the top of the stage, without his usual pair of sunglasses, staring straight at Harry Scary. He takes his time getting to the ring, sauntering down the ramp, taking in all the jeers of the crowd.*

Rodrick Jackson: Now we're talking! I hope the Bameister teaches him a lesson.

*The Bameister pulls himself up onto the ring apron, his stare at Harry Scary never wavering. As he stands on the ring apron, he finally breaks his stare to look at the crowd and shake his head disapprovingly. The crowd does not react well to his show of disdain and starts to boo louder. His gaze meets Harry Scary's again once he's in the ring. He grabs a microphone...*

The Bameister: Harry Scary...

*The crowd cheers at the mention of their hero's name. If looks could kill, Harry Scary would be dead and buried in a second from The Bameister's stare. Harry Scary seems oblivious to this and is sporting a cheek splitting grin directed at The Bameister.*

Harry Scary: Mister Bam Mister! I'm sure by now you can tell that justic...

The Bameister: You listen to me and you listen to me good. My name is the Bameister. My finisher is the Negation, and as I recall, you were screaming in pain when you were locked in it.

*The crowd boos at the reference to last week, when the Bameister executed an unexpected assault on Harry Scary. The Bameister continues his cold stare at Harry Scary, who finally seems to realize that the Bameister is not looking at him in a friendly way.*

Harry Scary: Okay, Bameister. You're burning a hole in my head you staring at me like that..

The Bameister: That's because I don't like you.

Harry Scary: C'mon! I thought we could be pals and put our differences behind us! I wouldn't like to be locked in the Negative again!

The Bameister: Its called.. The Negation. If I can't get it through your thick skull, maybe I can show you.

*The Bameister hits Harry Scary in the face with the microphone and takes him down to the ground. He grabs a leg and starts to get into position, but Harry Scary manages to pull his leg out of harm's way just in time and roll out of the ring. As he starts walking backstage, he looks back into the ring. The Bameister looks at him and signals how close he was to locking him in the Negation again. Harry Scary shakes his head and goes back behind the curtain. A smirk crosses Bameister's face as he looks at something Harry Scary left behind...*

Rodrick Jackson: The clown forgot his spear!

*The Bameister picks up the spear, and picks up the microphone.*

The Bameister: "Justice Have Long Arms", eh? Well, justice, my friend, will have long arms in our match, and these arms will belong to The Bameister. These arms will lock you in the Negation, and you won't be able to escape this time. I think I'll hold on to this spear for now. Who knows? Maybe this spear will be of good use to me..

*The Bameister's music hits as he leaves the ring with Harry Scary's spear. The crowd boo him and some try to throw objects at him. He threatens a crowd member with the spear, which stops the projectiles. He looks at the spear as he continues walking up, hints of a cruel smirk on his face as he appraises the weapon.*

Rodrick Jackson: Hahahaha. This guy with a spear. As if he couldn't be more dangerous. I'm really looking forward to the next showdown between these two.
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Harry Scary

Harry Scary

Posts : 18
Join date : 2010-04-02

PostSubject: Re: Harry Scary's Logic on Justice, wants to help The Bameister (Week 2 Feud)   Fri Apr 23 2010, 17:35

Ok noted.. I will change it..
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PostSubject: Re: Harry Scary's Logic on Justice, wants to help The Bameister (Week 2 Feud)   

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Harry Scary's Logic on Justice, wants to help The Bameister (Week 2 Feud)
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