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 Dragon rematch

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PostSubject: Dragon rematch   Sat Apr 24 2010, 21:53

Gods Dragon has his opponent turns up on the floor when suddenly Kojo. "You want him defeated but true or not, then we make it a Last man Standing match." he laughs. This is Polo's special area. But Dragon Gods accepted and missed Polo nor a finisher. It lies on the ground and barely moves. Confident of victory turns to Gods Dragon, but there is Kojo and misses him a chair shock. "No-one against my partner"and he helps to Polo. Polo laughing gods Dragon takes both high and edit it. Suddenly, the ring begins to burn. They both look around. They are caught in the ring and suddenly somebody enters the ring and goes through the flames. Gods Dragon laughs now at once, but since it is too late. The unknown Polo throws out of the ring. This begins to burn. Then he takes Kojo and throws it against Gods Dragon on the floor and takes him in the STF. Kojo must parry. But the grip is not resolved. Kojo faints. The ring is again in flames and only Kojos motionless body lies there.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon rematch   Sun Apr 25 2010, 01:19

Super Icon runs and jumps and hits Gods Dragon with 2 kicks executing a devastating Bicycle kick

*picks Gods dragon again*

Super Icon kicks the opponent then puts his head between his legs
then lifts him up with his back on his shoulder and Slams him on his Neck executing a Mortal
Iconic Bomb!!

*Super Icon gets up and hides himself with his cape and Lights turn dark then he Disappears*

*Crowd sees Gods dragon body on ground and wonders where Super icon go?*
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon rematch   Sun Apr 25 2010, 02:42

(OOC): Super Icon...you can't just jump out of nowhere attacking people...especially without there permission...and im 95% sure you didnt get Gods Dragon's permission to attack him. For all you who do not know, this is called "god-moding." It's using someone elses character without their consent or permission. Please ask because other players get really angry that this happens. So I sort of gaurentee you that this wont be used in the show. Try to ask next time. Thanks ~Roamer)
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon rematch   

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Dragon rematch
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