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 The Final Chance...

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PostSubject: The Final Chance...   Wed Apr 28 2010, 02:06

*Vic Wayne's Theme hits, as he makes his way to the Ring*

Vic Wayne: I'm tired, I'm frustrated, I'm desperate... since my debut, i could not even score a single win agains The Blobber in three weeks, for three weeks straight, you were the best man... I'm sick of this... i've been trying to figure you out, Blobber, and believe me, i did figure you out in our last match... you may have scored a win in your favor, but i finally get what i must do if i want to beat you, and in the past three weeks 've been learning from my mistakes, perfecting my fighting style... Since last monday i've been training my ass off to prepare to this match, and i'll tell you what... if i can't beat you this time, I'll leave to friday's show, and i'll never bother you again... i'm sick of being told that i can't beat you, even my friends are telling me to drop this and move on... well, i can't move on, not untill i settle the score with you... that's all i have to say.

Vince: What the hell!? is he crazy!? he's throwing his carreer away, it's clear thet Vic doesnt stand a chance!

Tony: Wow!, that was quite a statement by Vic, but i'm not sure if he can pull out a victory over The Blobber, at least not now...

*El Bueno's Theme hits, as he waks towards the ramp, he just stands there looking at Vic's face*

Tony: And there's the other half of Damage Incorporated right here, for our surprise...

*El Bueno grabs a mic and starts talking*

El Bueno: What's wrong with you Vic, are you insane esse? do you know what you're talking about? waht happens with Damage Incorporated's image if you lose AGAIN Vic? i cant bear watching you destroy yourself and dMg week after week homes... I know you've been down with this losses, but I TOLD YOU, to let GO of this... but you wont' listen... we've been friends since we're kids man, you're like a brother to me, but i wont be stickin' around to see you throw you carrer through the window... If you really want to go on with this, you can forget that we're friends hermano...

*El Bueno Drops the Mic, and he's about to leave whan vic suddenly talks*

Vic Wayne: Sorry bro... I just cant let this go... not like this...

*El Bueno turns his back on Vic, as he heads towards the backstage*
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PostSubject: Re: The Final Chance...   Wed Apr 28 2010, 04:09

*the masterminds theme music hits*

the mastermind:just hold it right there!I just joind dmg inc. you two cant just quit on the team like this.now el bueno you have a point with this.but if vic wants to do this its his choice.Vic after this no mater how the fight ends you have got to let go.
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PostSubject: Re: The Final Chance...   Wed Apr 28 2010, 23:26

Off topic:Vic wayne your not alone im 0-2 right now excessive lvling getting me to that this time im wiating..
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PostSubject: Re: The Final Chance...   

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The Final Chance...
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