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 Journey to look for Justice

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Harry Scary


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PostSubject: Journey to look for Justice   Wed Apr 28 2010, 17:14

*Harry Scary is seen backstage looking for something before bumping into a cameraman*

Cameraman: HEY!! Watch where you are going! Don't you have eyes! Are your eyes grown at the back of your head?!

Harry Scary: Umm.. I was walking backwards as I was looking for somebody and thought I saw him, so if my eyes are really grown at the back of my head, I would have seen you.

*The cameraman is livid at such a stupid answer*

Niko Scott: Ha Ha!! Ain't he funny, Rod?

Rodrick Jacson: HA HA HA!! Let's see how funny can he be when he's caught in the Negation again.

Cameraman: Watch it next time!

*Cameraman proceeds to walk away, but Harry Scary quickly stops him*

Harry Scary: WAIT! Do you want to follow me on a wild ride?

Cameraman: Wild ride? What the hell do you mean?

Harry Scary: A wild ride! I am going to look for The Bameister, Mister Bam, Bam Mister, whatever his name is. And I am going to confront him on his continuous mistakes and his vile logic on justice. But I am quite unwilling to face him one on one so I hope that you can follow me.

Cameraman: Are you scared of The Bameister?

Harry Scary: Hell NO!!! Why would I be scared of him? It's just that I don't want him to be mistaken, thinking that I am going to ask him for a fight.

*Harry Scary starts to perspire as he speak*

Cameraman: Okay, it can be very interesting to me and the fans.

Harry Scary: Really? Thank you very much!

*Harry Scary's idea was to push the cameraman in front of him if The Bameister was to attack him, so he can run away*

Rodrick Jackson: Admit it, clown, you're just a wimp. If not, why bring a companion?

Niko Scot: Come on Rod, it's not like it's not allowed. Anyway, we need a cameraman to show us what they are doing.

*As they turn the corner, the cameraman feels something is amiss and decides to ask Harry Scary*

Cameraman: Do you know where you are going?

Harry Scary: Of course I do! You are doubting me now?

Cameraman: NOOOO!!! I am just curious.

Harry Scary: You know, cameraman, you look awfully familiar.

Cameraman: HAAA!!! I thought no one knew! I was the 1999 Man Hunt winner!

*The cameraman broke into cold sweat as he told the lie. Everybody except Harry Scary knew that he is the cameraman that Harry Scary crashed into 2 weeks ago*

Niko Scott: Man Hunt winner? I didn't know this cameraman's a joker.

Rodrick Jackson: Because the cameraman feels uneasy telling Harry Scary that he got owned by a knock out blow!

Harry Scary: MAN HUNT WINNER!! Impressive! I won the most handsome judo champion award too you know.

*Cameraman gives Harry Scary a weak smile as they continue walking*

Rodrick Jackson: RUBBISH!! What rubbish! Don't we have anything else better to do?! Why are we filming this obnoxious moron!

Niko Scott: Calm down Rod, something good might come out of this. You might start to love this segment.

Rodrick Jackson: Yes, like Harry Scary being injured for 1 year. That would be something GOOD!! And that is what I'D LOVE!!

*Harry Scary and the cameraman reach a room when suddenly Harry Scary stop*

Cameraman: Hey! Why did you stop?

Harry Scary: Because The Bameister is in this room, I can feel it. My sixth sense tells me so.

Cameraman: The Bameister can't be here! This is the Woma..


*Harry Scary rudely interrupts the cameraman before he can finish and proceeds to kick the door open. When the door swings open, they hear water splashing. The cameraman tries to pull Harry Scary out of the room, but Harry Scary just brushes him aside*

Harry Scary: The Bameister, I know you are in here! COME OUT! And face me like a man.

Rodrick Jackson: What brazen words once again by this looney toon. He must have seen enough of the world.

Niko Scott: Don't you think this is weird, sound of water splashing? Is The Bameister taking a bath? Harry Scary wants to spring an ambush on The Bameister and take him out while he is bathing?

Rodrick Jackson: As expected from a man who supports a rag doll. That is the only wrestler in the world he can defeat. A damn RAG DOLL!!

*Suddenly, a loud scream pierces the air..*


Harry Scary: Mary Scary.. I mean Tammy Roberts, is The Bameister in here?

*Harry Scary looks dazed as he is mesmerized by the person in the showers. The cameraman is also finding it hard to swallow his saliva and both men's temperatures starts to rise*


*Tammy Roberts screeches so loudly that Harry Scary feels groggy. Upon seeing what might happen, the cameraman quickly flees the women's bathroom*

Harry Scary: For all you know The Bameister might love to study you since he likes human behaviour and human anatomy and since he can see everything now.

*Tammy Roberts quickly grabs a towel, covers herself and pushes Harry Scary out of the batthroom before slamming the door onto Harry Scary's face. Harry Scary went down clutching onto his face*

Rodrick Jackson: How dare that PERVERT! How dare he tease with our backstage announcer!!

Niko Scott: He just lost his way. You cannot blame him for everything. It was just a mistake.

Rodrick Jackson: It is a crime, DAMN IT!!

*Harry Scary finally recovers after checking on himself*

Harry Scary: Ouch!

Cameraman: Tough love.

Harry Scary: Tough oranges.

Cameraman: Tough oranges?

*Cameraman looks at him with a queer stare*

Harry Scary: I mean tough peaches.

Cameraman: Tough peaches?

*Cameraman looks at him like he is about to explode at Harry Scary*

Harry Scary: I mean tough luck.

Cameraman: Ohhhh.. Okay Let's go. Ain't much time left.

Harry Scary: Why didn't you tell me that that was the women's bathroom?

Cameraman: I did, but you were so sure that The Bameister was inside you rushed in immediately!

*Both of them continue walking on until they reach another room. Harry Scary is about to open the door when the cameraman suddenly stops him*

Cameraman: WAIT!! I have to tell you what room is this before you enter. This is the women's locker room.

Harry Scary: I know, it is written here on the door.

Cameraman: Then why the hell are you going in? Want another beating?

Harry Scary: No, just doing something really important.

Cameraman: Really important?

Harry Scary: Really! Just watch me.

*Harry Scary opens the door and luckily no one is inside after checking. So Harry Scary proceeds to grab a pen and paper and scribble something on it*

Cameraman: What are you writing?

Harry Scary: Words deep down from my heart.

Cameraman: Huh?!

Rodrick Jackson: What is the dense monkey thinking?

Niko Scott: I don't know. We have to watch on to know.

*Harry Scary finishes writing and sticks it onto the wall, at a place where it can be easily seen*

Cameraman: What the hell did you write?

*The cameraman goes forward and have a look. To his amusement, he saw a joke of a note. Because what is written on the note is "Looking for a potential Mary Scary, please come to room 8 to find Harry Scary if interested". The cameraman cannot help himself and bursts out laughing*

Harry Scary: What's so funny?!

Cameraman: Nothing, let's move on.

Niko Scott: Looking for a potential Mary Scary?! Ha ha ha! I am starting to love this guy, Rod.

Rodrick Jackson: And I cannot wait for The Bameister to deal with him.

Niko Scott: You are no fun, you know that Rod.

*Both of them walk on until reaching another room which has no name plate on the door*

Harry Scary: Now Wise Guy, know who is in this room?

Cameraman: How would I know, maybe The Bameister?

Harry Scary: That's right, it is The Bameister! My seventh sense tell me so.

Cameraman: Seventh sense?

Harry Scary: Because my sixth one failed me earlier on.

*The cameraman is absolutely stumped, not for the first time he is feeling this way tonight though. He feels like crashing into the wall after hearing that*

Cameraman: Alright go on ahead hero. Show him who's the boss.

*The cameraman says that without any energy*

Rodrick Jackson: What is he? An animal? So many senses?! Trying to tell us that he is really a donkey?

Niko Scott: C'mon Rod! He is much feared because he can sense what his opponent is going to do next.


*Harry Scary opens the door and shouts for The Bameister to come out but instead, a towering figure looms over both the cameraman and Harry Scary*

Cameraman: CMPUNISHER!! I think we better scram!!

CMPUNISHER: What the hell are you doing here and what the hell you want!?

Harry Scary: To C.. see.. M.. me.. get punish.. er.. I mean is The Bam..

*Harry Scary is overwhelmed by CMPUNISHER and suddenly is clueless on what to say*

CMPUNISHER: To see you get punished? Well, you'll get what you came for. I will Punish You!

*As soon as CMPUNISHER finish, a right jab connects with Harry Scary's nose and another left hook to Harry Scary's stomach. After CMPUNISHER is done, he slams the door right onto Harry Scary's face*

Rodrick Jackson: You are right Niko! I am starting to love every moment of this!

Niko Scott: Sorry, but I cannot communicate with a barbarian such as you!

Cameraman: Again! Poor you! 2 times already!

Harry Scary: AHH!! MY GOD!! MY NOSE IS BLEEDING!!! I need a tissue quick!!

Cameraman: You need a nose job and quick.

Harry Scary: Oh HA HA! Look who's Mr. Chuckles all of a sudden.

*Harry Scary gives the cameraman a cold stare and a smirk*

Cameraman: Ha ha! Just trying to brighten your day.

*The cameraman says it with a shiver, he is afraid Harry Scary treat him like a rag doll*

Rodrick Jackson: And he needs a lobotomy too.

Niko Scott: I prefer to remain silent in respose to my colleague, the neanderthal.

Rodrick Jackson: We will be back right after this. Come on Niko, you going to side with this mutant with 7 senses?

------------------------------------------------------- COMMERCIAL BREAK ------------------------------------------------------

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Harry Scary


Posts : 18
Join date : 2010-04-02

PostSubject: Re: Journey to look for Justice   Wed Apr 28 2010, 17:21

*After commercial break, the cameraman and Harry Scary can be seen talking as they are still looking for The Bameister*

Cameraman: You know, I wonder how long are we going to search until we find The Bameister and how long can you endure until your nose goes under the knife.

Harry Scary: I don't know. Maybe until April Fool's Day.

*Harry Scary endures the fury inside of him*

Cameraman: It is said that you have an IQ of 180.

Harry Scary: Yup. That's right! I was the smartest kid back in Okinawa, you know.

Cameraman: I strongly wonder how come you have an IQ of 180. Maybe the IQ Test's maximum score was 1000.

*After hearing that, Harry Scary feels like there is a fire raging in his heart and feels like he is going to explode. But he pretends nothing is wrong and keep a cool face*

Camerman: You read the Art of War, didn't you? You can judge situations well and can escape easily from them, can't you? You have lots of strategies up your sleeves, don't you?

Harry Scary: Of course! If not, how would I have so many achievements like being a Judo Champion!

*Harry Scary suddenly becomes very proud of himself*

Cameraman: You must be dealing with children all the time.

*That's it! The burning fury rises to the brim inside Harry Scary and he's had enough of the mockery given to him by the cameraman. He grabs the cameraman's collar and shouts at him*

Niko Scott: Harry Scary looks like he is about to explode!

Rodrick Jackson: With that stupid look of his, I am surprised it took so long!


Cameraman: Heh heh, no. Just as funny as you.

Harry Scary: I.. why..

*Harry Scary is absolutely lost for words. It is very rare that somebody replies with a more ridiculous answer*

Harry Scary: AH!! Let's go!

Rodrick Jackson: Uh huh! Beaten at his own game huh! You cannot beat a fool unless you stoop as low as him!

*ZIP! Niko Scott demostrates zipping his mouth*

Rodrick Jackson: Oh come on, you still siding with thick head! That clown will not send you a thank you card for this, you know!

*Presently, both of them reach a room with a sign saying ''The Bameister''*

Cameraman: There it is! Thank god for this wild and stupid ride!

*Harry Scary walks up to the door and knocks on the door. The door opens after a few second with The Bameister answering it with a cold hard stare*

Harry Scary: Is The Bameister in there?

Cameraman: What?!

*The Bameister stares at him for about 3 seconds... Before slamming the door right in Harry Scary's face, making it a hat trick of door slams to the face for him.*

Harry Scary: OUCH!!!

Cameraman: Are you OKAY??!!

Harry Scary: That JOKER!! I've had enough! I'll show him what I am made of! I'm going to take it to him!!

Cameraman: Really?! You are going to take it to him? You are going to show us all your Secret Hidden Techinique?!

Niko Scott: Harry Scary's Secret Hidden Technique! That powerful and feared move! I bet everybody wants to see what it is about including myself!

*Harry Scary knocks on the door again and The Bameister answers again, with a fiery stare this time*

Harry Scary: Is The Bameister in there?

The Bameister: I am The Bameister, you ignoramus. What? Do you want another Negation?

*Harry Scary sums up all his courage, stares The Bameister straight in the eyes, takes a deep breath and...*


*Harry Scary puts both his hands on The Bameister and starts shaking him and shouting at him, shocking everyone at the scene with his loud voice*

Cameraman: Give me back my spear, that's all he can come out with? That is his secret technique?! I have really wasted my time!

Rodrick Jackson: HA HA!!! He should be working in a circus! HA HA!!

*The Bameister recovers from that brainless rant and looks at Harry Scary's eager face*

The Bameister: You want that back, don't you?

*The Bameister pointing to the spear*

(The Bameister to continue)
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PostSubject: Re: Journey to look for Justice   Wed Apr 28 2010, 17:35

The Bameister: You want that spear back?

*Harry Scary nods and smiles in eagerness.*

The Bameister: You call it "Justice Have Long Arms", and those long arms are still with me. You know, there's a reason for that..

Harry Scary: ..THAT HARRY SCARY'S SPEAR AND JUSTICE WILL HELP YOU FIND THE RIGHT WAYS IN LIFE! That's what I've been trying to tell yo...

The Bameister: No, you imbecile. That you could have taken it back... if you had won last week.

*Harry Scary's expression changes to one of seriousness.*

The Bameister: Your facial reaction tells me that this spear is important to you. Your right fist is slowly clenching, you want to attack me, don't you?

*Harry Scary's expression changes back to his usual happy go lucky manner*

Harry Scary: C'mon! We can talk this out right? I'm a perfectly reasonable man! Look, you can ask my buddy right here!

*Harry Scary walks over to the camera and puts a hand on the cameraman's shoulder.*

Harry Scary: Right, Larry?

Cameraman: My name's not Larry!

Harry Scary: Sure it is! Larry Scary!

Cameraman: Look, my name's Jac...

*The Bameister interrupts by picking up the spear and slamming the bladeless end into the ground, creating a loud noise which cuts off the friendly conversation that appeared out of nowhere*

The Bameister: You want this spear back? Then come at me, Harry Scary.

*Harry Scary sighs before looking back at the Bameister, still not taking his hand off the cameraman's shoulder..*

Harry Scary: Well, since you want it that way, sorry Larry, we gotta continue our conversation another time..

Cameraman: I TOLD YOU! My name's not Larry! Its...

*Harry Scary suddenly sidesteps behind the cameraman and pushes him towards the Bameister with all his might. This totally catches out the Bameister, who drops the spear trying to avoid the human projectile suddenly launched at him. Although he dodged as quickly as he could, it was too little, too late. He could only dodge the cameraman, but not the camera. The camera hits him straight in the face and drops to the ground. The fallen camera catches Harry Scary picking up the spear.*

Harry Scary: Justice Have Long Arms! And Justice will definitely help you find the right ways in life!

*Harry Scary shouts out his catchphrase as he leaves the room. Fans in the arena are going wild and cheering for him as their hero prevails*

Rodrick Jackson: A cheap move, Niko. That's what it was, a cheap shot! A sucker punch!

Niko Scott: You call it whatever you want, Rod. I call it strategy. Notice how Harry Scary planned for the cameraman to come with him? He knew what he was doing right from the start!

*The Bameister's locker room is still shown on screen. The Bameister can be seen sitting up holding his head, blood trickling down his hand. He picks up the cameraman, trying to shake him conscious, but to no avail. He growls in frustration before pushing at the cameraman's shoulder, making an audible crack. This wakes the cameraman up immediately, screaming in pain. The Bameister immediately sets his shoulder back into place.*

The Bameister: Now that I've got your attention, pick that camera up.

*A camera pans around the arena, showing shocked faces all around, including the commentators.*

Niko Scott: That was sick! You can't just dislocate another man's shoulder just like that, causing pain just to wake him up!

Rodrick Jackson: He's the cameraman, Nik. How can he do his job when he's knocked out? The Bameister did all of us at ESW a favour by waking him up.

Niko Scott: Water would work!

Rodrick Jackson: And causing extreme pain worked as well, stop living in the past, Nik! This is the Bameister, master of human anatomy!

Niko Scott: Now that sadist is a master!? Good god, you are so biased.

*The cameraman gets on his feet, clutching his shoulder as he makes his way to the fallen camera. He picks it up, but the camera is a bit shaky since the cameraman is still in a lot of pain.*

The Bameister: Hold still, virulent spawn. Count yourself lucky I put your shoulder back in place. You deserve more pain, but I need you to hold this camera.

*The camera gets slightly more still.*

The Bameister: Harry Scary, you've just made a big mistake. Busting me open? Tricking me with a cameraman? All for that spear? Well I'll tell you what - I don't care about that spear. I will crush you in our match tonight, I will decimate you. And not just tonight, your nightmare is just beginning, and you've just drew the ten of swords.

*The Bameister shoves the camera and the camera hits the floor once again. It starts to blur out from the damage taken, but a picture can still be seen as its lying on the floor. The Bameister stands over the fallen cameraman and looks at the camera for a second, rage flaring in his eyes.*

The Bameister: Let me just give you a little preview, Harry Scary...

*The Bameister locks in a Negation as the cameraman screams in pain and shouts for help. Trainers and referees soon arrive, trying to pull The Bameister off as the camera fades to black, the damage finally taking its toll.*

Niko Scott: Now THAT, you can't tell me is not uncalled for!

Rodrick Jackson: Hey, an eye for an eye! The cameraman busted him open!

*Niko Scott looks at Rodrick Jackson, speechless.*

Rodrick Jackson: What? Cat got your tongue? Well I tell you what Bameister's got, Harry Scary's number. I can't wait for their match tonight!
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PostSubject: Re: Journey to look for Justice   Wed May 05 2010, 22:46

daaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmnn!!!! long ass rp!!!! O_O I LOVE IT!!! GOING IN PPV!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Journey to look for Justice   

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Journey to look for Justice
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