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 Presence after the last weeks attack.

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PostSubject: Presence after the last weeks attack.   Thu Apr 29 2010, 21:19

*the crowd is excited to see who is entering the ring next*

*suddenly Ganadriel's song is played on the titan-throne and he makes his way into the ring*

*the crowd cheers as they see their idol*

*Ganadriel has a collar around his neck after last weeks asault*

Ganadriel: Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I am here tonight despite the injury i have!

*the crowd cheers*

*Ganadriel signals the crowd to get quiet*

Ganadriel: I can't talk really loud because of this stupid collar so you have to be silent a bit. After was a "mysterious" guy did to me last week I am here to ask him to come down to the ring and face me face to face!

Tony Jacobs: Poor guy! Just look at his neck.

Vince White: Poor? He has craploads of money! Hahahaha! Anyways he deserves that injury.

Tony Jacobs: That wasn't funny Vince!

Ganadriel: I am prepared for you mystery man! Show your face... don't think i don't know who you are AEON!

*the crowd seems shocked*

Tony Jacobs: Aeon?!?!? That chicken! I should have known it was him.

Vince White: I knew it all along. I was wondering when will you realize. He did a great job there with Ganadriel's neck. Hahahaha!

Ganadriel: I am waiting you Aeon. You have to be punished after what you've did to me and there is no escape, 'cause if you wrestle with me, you won't leave without broken bones!

*the crowd stays silent waiting for a response from Aeon*
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Presence after the last weeks attack.
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