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 Dorm's hype

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PostSubject: Dorm's hype   Sat May 08 2010, 18:49

The lights in the arena dimmed as the screen on..Dorm appears in the screen with a mic in his hand..

Dorm:I know all you freaks are wondering why I'm here with a mic..So,now I'm telling you..I may have lost my first 3 match here..but I was just warming up there..After today,I'm going to make an impact!This i no bullshit!!I seriously am..

The crowds then boo and chant 'bullshit!'

Dorm:Shut up!!!this is not bullshit!!I seriously am!!

The crowds continue booing and chanting..Dorm expression change as he say..

Dorm:Bullshit?You want to see bull shit?Here's bullshit..

Dorm grabs one of the crew and execute a double dragon screw

Dorm:Now that's bullshit!!!

Dorm stares at the crew as the screen fades to black..
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Dorm's hype
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