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 The PPV...Fast Line Comments

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PostSubject: The PPV...Fast Line Comments   Sat May 08 2010, 22:12

Great first PPV for a new fed I must say...but alas...I do have some slight suggestions. Firstly my rp in the PPV. It's ok but as future reference can you please prompt me before you change anything in the rp so that I can do it myself. The beginning didnt fit with the rest of the story, and there were important elemants that needed to be known. Just to let you know, tell me before hand so I can make proper changes to it and dont just edit stuff out please without telling me. Second, very good job on all the commentary, the only thing we're missing with that is the commentary during matches. That's what editing matches is for commentary and adding surprises to the match. The graphics scratch cheers cheers cheers were great. It needs to be structured like that for regular shows too. And lastly, since it was supposed to be an MMA cage fight (unless that was just a name) then it should have been edited as such...MMA style ending with probably a knockout, submission due to rear naked choke, TKO, somethin...not climbing out of the cage, because again...it didnt really fit into what it was called...(unless again, that was just purely a name. But overall great job, I'm proud of it, and its some of the best work I've seen from a newfound federation
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PostSubject: Re: The PPV...Fast Line Comments   Sat May 08 2010, 22:22

Why thank you Roam, anf first of all, yes, I will notify you about your RP's first before editing myself, second, there was no time for commentary in matches, I don't have much Vice-General Manager's, which is why I'm highering new one's during the break, VGM's who know how to SPELL, and use proper grammer. Second, thank you, about the graphics. And Last but not least about the MMA Cage Fight match, unless you read the RP "The Fire House" correctly, I had said that it was an MMA Match, with MMA fighting rules, mixed in with Wrestling Cage Match rules, I don't know, I did a lil' mix there. THOUGH! Thank you, my vgm's, my general manager of Friday's show, and my wrestlerswho RPed, and myself I must include we did great this season, THANK YOU ALL!!!
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PostSubject: Re: The PPV...Fast Line Comments   Sun May 09 2010, 01:34

i liked the PPV me losing wasnt the thing i had in mind CMPUNISHER is mine he got lucky HE CANT BEAT ME!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: The PPV...Fast Line Comments   Mon May 10 2010, 05:17

I cant beat you... more than 50 times
I've more things to do being the first television champion Cool
and I still dont have a person to be the contender for my title... Who will be man enough to challenge me?
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PostSubject: Re: The PPV...Fast Line Comments   Mon May 10 2010, 23:13

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PostSubject: Re: The PPV...Fast Line Comments   Wed May 12 2010, 05:00

No! (You're not Batista and I'm not Cena to you ask for rematchs and we have 10 times a match)
Our Fight was the Final Battle
and not the prelude to the final battle
You Lose, I Win
Be happy!
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PostSubject: Re: The PPV...Fast Line Comments   

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The PPV...Fast Line Comments
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