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 Feud starter(anyone can come, pref. a heel though)

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PostSubject: Feud starter(anyone can come, pref. a heel though)   Tue May 11 2010, 18:24

*Ganadriel's theme song is played on the titan-throne as he makes his way into the ring*

*the crowd's cheers are louder then the song itself*

Ganadriel:Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to tonight's show! I hope you enjoy it because from now on, it will only get better!

*the crowd cheer's even louder*

Ganadriel:As you know, last show I won the match against Aeon Clock in a better man match! Tonight I am here to put up this "title" against someone else, so without any more talking, let's see who dares to fight me and claim that he is the better man!

*the crowd goes insane after hearing the challenge their idol set up*

Ganadriel:Any one of you there that think can match my strength should come down here and prove it!

Tony Jacobs: Wow! Now that is an interesting challenge...

Vince White: Yea right. Better man he says. He is putting up a challenge on a "title" he never really owned.

Tony Jacobs: You are wrong Vince, Ganadriel dominated Aeon on The Fast Line, so he deserves to call himself the better man.

Vince White: Yea yea. I am really curious on who will step in the ring and accept this challenge, but I'm more then sure that whoever it will be, he will show this superstar wannabe who the better man is! Hahaha.

(anyone is welcome to reply:D)

Last edited by Ganadriel on Fri May 14 2010, 13:55; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : spelling mistakes:D)
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Feud starter(anyone can come, pref. a heel though)
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