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 Road To Glory

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PostSubject: Road To Glory   Sat May 15 2010, 21:58

*Colds entrance theme hits the PA*

*Cold walks to the ring holding a mic*

Cold: Ladies and gentleman I have some stuff I need to stay. First off during the off season I got a very bad disease that nobody has heard of before and the doctor says I have to stop wrestling within 2 seasons time. Im lucky they are still letting me wrestle.

*Fans are silent at the news*

Cold: So with that being said I was talking to our GM Kojo Styles and he agreed to this. My Road To Glory. What I mean by this is that in 2 seasons I will have done stuff that would of made me a known legend in this fed.

Cold: How this is going to work is that each week I will face a new opponent. Not the same one like I did last season, but a new opponent each week. If I win the road continues, I lose then the next show I will hang up my boots for good. If I make it past the 1st season mark I will get a title shot. If I make it up to the 2nd season, I will be guarented a know spot as a legend in this fed. Sure ive been here for only a short time, but I brought all of my fans from my other feds here with me and they dont want to see me go.

*Fans start to cheer very loudley*

[color=blue]Cold: GM Kojo Styles please come on out to tell the fans why you let me do this, and who my first obstacle will be.
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GM. Kojo Styles
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GM. Kojo Styles

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PostSubject: Re: Road To Glory   Sat May 15 2010, 22:18

*All of a sudden, "I Made It" by Kevin Rudolf starts playing, blasting through they Arena as the crowd cheers chanting Kojo's name while singing along to Kojo's theme music. Kojo Styles walks halfway down the ramp to the ring shaking peoples hands then stops and pulls off his shades looking at Cold Blast with a micin hand*

Kojo Styles: Well, I don't know what to say to tell you the truth, but, first off, I wanna say this... Are you serious?! Common, You don't have to do this Blast, First season didn't good to well for you, but that doesn't matter, you can train, build up your strength and stamina!

*The crowd cheers building up momentum cheering for The Cold Blast*

Kojo Styles: Cold, it's your choice though... you do what you gotta do, which is why, I'm deciding to go on this with you...Cold Blast, your Road to Glory begin's tonight, and your opponent with be...

*A moment of silence start's throughout the Arena for a short while as Kojo Styles continues to speak again*

Kojo Styles: A suprise... he will be arriving later on tonight! Here's a hint though... HE'S BACK!!

*Kojo Styles walks out of the ring side heading backstage to his office*
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PostSubject: Re: Road to Glory   Wed May 19 2010, 01:01

*Cold just drops his mic and just stands there shocked because he knows who his opponent his for tonight*
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PostSubject: Re: Road To Glory   

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Road To Glory
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