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 Trouble seeker

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PostSubject: Trouble seeker   Sun May 16 2010, 17:59

The lights in the ring dims as Dorm's titan tron hits the screen..Dorm enters the stage arena with a microphone in his hand..

Dorm:I'm bored of waiting for an opponent..Since trouble didn't appear by itself,lemme produce it..

Dorm go down the ramp and approach a fan,he then pull him into the ring and highers the microphone..

Dorm:Okay someone better get into the and become a hero or this fool is going to be badly injured..

Dorm choke the innocent fan as he waits for someone to claim himself as a hero..
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PostSubject: DRK answers Dorm   Tue May 18 2010, 23:54

DRK is seen sitting in the back with Miss Payne watching the monitors.

DRK: *Looking at Miss Payne* "It's go time babe." *Miss Payne grins*

EKG sound starts to play and DRK's titan tron hits the screen. DRK walks over to the announcers table and asks politely for a microphone.

DRK: Listen here Norm... *Dorm tries to correct him*
Dorm: It's Do... *He's interrupted one more time*
DRK: Whatever.. as if I cared! *Miss Payne giggles* I don't know if you understand the difference between a wrestler and a fan. You see a fan is the one that pays to watch the show, the one that comes on this show to enjoy himself... be entertained... but of course, you wouldn't know anything about that. On the other hand, wrestlers are the ones in little Speedos just like yours, who dumb by default, fight each other in that same ring your in.
Dorm: And your point is?
DRK: Easy, let the guy go and lets give this people what they came here for... entertainment.
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PostSubject: Re: Trouble seeker   Wed May 19 2010, 18:28

Dorm releases the innocent fan and kick him out of the ring..Then he highers the microphone that was on his hand and faces DRK..

Dorm:Hmmm..Interesting..Look what we have here?A fool trying to act as a hero for a fan like that... Where have you been anyway?I was like one of the most famous guy here in Extreme Style Wrestling..I may had 3 lost in a row but I still am the most impressive wrestlers here..I may have lost,but it was all a close fight..I'm just a little unlucky there..And you see all this fool right here around us in this arena?They came here to watch me!!!

the crowds start boo-ing as they deny..

Dorm:Come on!!Don't deny the fact!!I'm the money maker of this business!!If you too,deny it,Then please enter this ring to see your wrath.. I'll show you why I'm the money maker here...Come on in,kid!

Dorm throws the mic out of the ring as he welcome DRK into the ring...
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PostSubject: Re: Trouble seeker   

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Trouble seeker
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