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 GM First Announcement, 3/8/2010!

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GM. Kojo Styles
General Manager
General Manager
GM. Kojo Styles

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PostSubject: GM First Announcement, 3/8/2010!   Tue May 18 2010, 18:59

*Please read this announcement before doing anything in the forum!!!*


Welcome to Extreme Style Wrestling!!! I am your General Manager Kojo Styles. I'm a former VGM of Dirty's Wrestling Alliance, and some other fed's, say about 7 that I've been in long ago I cant even remember. Now I have gone a step higher in TWG and became a GM. Now, walk with me and my roster climb the ranks of TWG. First, if anyone has talents with graphic design or if you have any talents that may benefit the federation, please contact me. I am a real easy person to get along with, but I do have my rules.

Always make sure that you read the rules of each topic before posting.

It is mandatory that you complete your gimmick on the forum. This includes you bio, your entrance video, and your picture. Your merchandise is not mandatory, however, you can make you property if you would like. All merchandise will be inserted in the show.


First, is the chat. To use the chat, simply click the log in button in the top right hand corner of the chatbox. Unfortunately, the chatbox only shows in the board index. However, it can become a pop out window if you click chatbox in the upper left hand corner. There aren't really rules for the chat. You can swear, but do not do it rediculously.


Second, is roleplay. No one is allowed in this fed unless they roleplay. If you do not roleplay, you will work small matches and will not get your contract renewed once it expires.

Roleplaying is very easy once you get the hang of it. It all depends on your character and whats on your mind. To keep you from being confused, roleplaying is also called storytelling, creating a segment, and many other things. They all are the same thing. In this announcement, I will be going through the basics of a segment as well as creating an example of one.

You should give your segment a name which should go in the subject box when you create a new topic. Not only should you give it a name, but you should also address who the post is to. An example would be the following:
Kojo Styles Debuts (Open to all)

*Open to all means that anyone can reply to your post*

Next you should introduce your wrestler. In order to do that, you will need someone to introduce you. Most of the time, this will be an interviewer or ring announcer. I will be using a ring announcer by the name of Jessica Orlando. To make your post better, add color to the post. Try not to use the same color for more than one person.


Jessica Orlando: Ladies and gentlemen. Kojo Styles!!!

Next you should describe what your wrestler is doing. Most of the time, you should include your wrestler's music. Also, include how the crowd reacts to your presence. If you are a heel (dirty) wrestler, then the crowd will boo. If you are a face (clean) wrestler, then the crowd will cheer.


*Bullet with a name on it. Kojo Styles steps out of the curtain and stands at the top of the ramp. The crowd interrupts with cheers. Kojo Styles walks down the ramp and enters the ring.*

Most of the time when someone debuts, they talk about what they have done in their career and will do in their present fed. Also, try to relate to the status you have with the fans. If you wrestler is a heel, then you should negatively talk about the fans. If you wrestler is a face, then say things that are positive about them. You can still add people to the segment. I will add an interviewer to the segment by the name of Michelle.


Michelle Parker: Kojo Styles, how does it feel to be here in E.S.W?

Kojo Styles: It feels great to be here. These people have been with me from the very beginning. I've been through many things in my career, and now I am here. Extreme Style Wrestling is my new home and this is where I'm going to stay.

Michelle Parker: What do you plan on doing in E.S.W?

Kojo Styles: My plans are plain and simple. The E.S.W World Heavyweight Championship. This fed needs a leader. A leader that not only treats these fans with the respect they deserve. And I personally think that I am that man. I will hold the E.S.W World Title and defend it at all costs.

I am going to stop my segment here. Since I involved the E.S.W World Title in my segment, most likely other wrestler's who want the title will comment on the segment. The way I stopped my segment allows someone to come and add their opinion to the segment. For example, someone can come and interrupt my debut. This should cause myself and the person who interrupted my debut, to go back and forth with words. This should lead to a storyline between the two.

As you can see, it doesn't take much work. It is very easy. The only thing is, there are rules. They will be listed at the end of this announcement.


To help you understand what a show looks like, I have provided a link below that lets you view shows from E.S.W as well as other feds from the previous season. If you watch them, you should get a good look of what a show is.


If you are not booked for a show, you should still watch it. You never know when your name is going to pop up in one.

If you would like to view a missed show or just to recap, here are the steps:
Go to TWG --> Go to the Main Board --> Click Federations --> Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Calender with the 12 on it and go to the date that you wish to watch the show you missed --> Find the show and click view show.


You are allowed to challenge for one championship per season. If you are a champion, you must hold you championship for a full season before being able to challenge for a second. If you do wish to challenge for a second championship, given that you are a champion, you can challenge for another championship but you must defend you current title while doing so.

The Champion's Throne is a new addition to E.S.W as of E.S.W's second season. It is mainly the champion's personal statement as the champion. It will be located in every championship forum.


NEVER create a post where you are having another wrestler say something that they did not approve.
YOU CAN NOT SWEAR AT ALL!!!! You CAN use ass, hell, damn, and word like that. I read all roleplays so don't think I wont notice.
If there is anything that is not appropriate, I will notify you and ask you to change it or it will not be used.

Have fun creating segments. If you need any more help, contact me, Kojo Styles.


A lot of you maybe thinking of using content from famous wrestling shows of today. PLEASE DONT!!! It is against the rules. To have proof, I have posted the TWG GM rules to let you know what you and I can and can not do.

Main Rules

- NO Recruiting in either of the TWO Chat Channels.
- NO Contract talk in chat, or the forum.
- NO Recruiting wrestlers who are under contract to another Roster.
- Only the GM's may recruit, if VGM's or members of the roster are recruiting for the roster, warnings will be issued to the GM.

To Create A Show

- New GM's (First Season): You must have atleast 30 wrestlers signed to your roster.
- Older GM's (Second Season +): You must have atleast 40 wrestlers signed to your roster.

Show Content

- WWE Content: Images and Videos of ANY WWE personal currently under contract is not allowed. Any Image or Video of former WWE Contracted people are not allowed if the Image/Video is in a WWE environment, or contains the WWE/WWF/WCW/ECW logo.

- Images: No abusive, pornographic, religous images allowed.
- Videos: No abusive, pornographic, religous images allowed.
- Text: Try to keep all text respectful, no cuss words, or references to Religon, world affairs, politics etc.
- Wrestlers: You can only insert Wrestlers under contract to your roster in your shows. No others.
- All shows must be written in English.

GM Behavior

- As a GM you are a member of TWG Staff, with this you are expected to uphold TWG rules more so than others.
- Your behaviour towards others, be it in Chat, TWG Forum, PM's or even your Roster Forum, will be monitored.
- A Chat Ban in 99% of cases will mean you will also be removed as a GM.

Other Rules

- The General Manager must be signed to his/her roster, given they can be signed at all (Level 5 or Level 4 Supporter).

Remember, GM's take responsibility for the actions of his/her roster. Warnings will be issued for rules broken, 3 Warnings and you will be removed as a GM.


Here's a small tip for roleplaying, try typing it up in Microsoft Word, and then use the spelling check to fix it.

For the people who don't speak fluent English, a tip that I have come up with is to type what you want to say and translate it to English using http://www.translate.google.com. Its not the best, but it helps.


If you have any problems with the fed, or how it works, do not be afraid to contact me. If I am online, you may contact me at any time. If I am online, you can pm me in TWG or send me a pm on this forum.
If I am offline and you really need to talk to me, I am always logged in to my instant messenger through my phone. Or you may email me:

Instant Messenger:
Yahoo: robjf98
AIM: kojostyles98


And by the way... HAVE FUN EVERYONE!!!!

-General Manager, Kojo Styles.
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GM First Announcement, 3/8/2010!
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