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 Season 2 pt 2

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PostSubject: Season 2 pt 2   Tue May 25 2010, 22:28

Later on Ninja doug is seen again, this time followed by Michelle Parker

Michelle: Earlier you talked to Skunk Warrior...Arn't you concered about your record here on ESW?

Ninja Doug: It's just a record..I dont really care Michelle...I'm not here for The Extreamest title..if I wanted singles action I wouldn't have came here...

Michelle: But you lost to Super Aid last season..doesnt that bother you at all?

Ninja Doug: No...like I said..my record doesnt concern me...A lose is a lose..I dont know why some poeple cant get that through their thick skulls...I dont care...now if you dont mind

Ninja Doug tries to walk past but Michelle gets in his way

Ninja Doug: Excuse me...

Michelle: I have one last thing...

Ninja doug: What?

Michelle:You say you want to be tag champ..but you havent had a tag match yet...does that bother you?

Ninja Doug: Ill get my chance soon enough..now if you'll excuse me...

Ninja Doug walks out
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Season 2 pt 2
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