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 Mail fraud

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CO. Blackflame
CO. Blackflame

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PostSubject: Mail fraud   Wed Jun 02 2010, 02:48

Blackflame and Ninja Doug are seen walking towards the mail room backstage

Blackflame:So..you ready to have some real fun?

Ninja Doug: I was born ready

As they reach the mailroom a man pushes a cart out of the room

Ninja Doug: We'll take that for you

Mailman: Umm I don't know If thats allowed...

Blackfalme: Aww come on who's gonna know

Nudges the mailman a little and the mailman looks at both men

Mailman: Umm..ok..but don't open anything

*sarcasticly*Ninja Doug: Never

NF Riot takes the cart and starts walking down the hall and turns into an empty room

Ninja Doug: Let's see here... *starts rummaging through the mail* ...Kojo's new gold necklace, some fan mail....

Blackflame: anything interesting?

Ninja Doug: I'm looking....let's see...a letter to Super Icon..lets see..."YOU'RE FIRED"...no wonder he hasn't been around...hmm what's that?...

Blackflame: It looks like Vince White's hair... *he picks it up* I knew it..he wears a wig!

Ninja Doug: one last package... * He opens the package* Sweet!!!

Blackflame: What is it?

Ninja Doug: The spare keys to Kojo's new Ferrari...I don't think he'd mind me taking a test drive..do you?

Blackflame: not at all..let's go!

NF Riot heads to the parking lot

to be continued
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Mail fraud
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