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 Surprises Galore for The Bameister

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Harry Scary

Harry Scary

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PostSubject: Surprises Galore for The Bameister   Wed Jun 02 2010, 18:49

*At backstage, Tammy Roberts prepares herself as she is about to interview Harry Scary*

Tammy Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I welcome Harry Scary.

Harry Scary: Thank you very much, Tammy.

Tammy Roberts: I got to ask you this Harry, how proud are you on what you did at the PPV, The Fast Line?

*She is refering to what happened at the Ladies' bathroom*

Harry Scary: You know Tammy, that is one of the proudest thing I ever did besides winning the Judo Championship.

*He is refering to scoring a tactical victory over The Bameister by shoving the cameraman into him and taking his spear back*

Rodrick Jackson: That is pure luck, DAMN IT!! Ask that loose screw to do it again and he will never perform it in a thousand years!!

Niko Scott: Rod! May I remind you it is strategy, and strategy is much like magic. You cannot perform it twice on the same person.

Rodrick Jackson: That is because that clown has nothing but cheap tricks.

*Suddenly, Tammy Roberts screams at the top of her voice*


*She is still refering to what happened at the Ladies' bathroom*

Harry Scary: Huh?! What?! I did such an amazing strategy that even the greatest military strategists would be proud of. Why am I a maggot?

*Harry Scary looking very confused at Tammy Roberts' reaction. Of course he is still refering to The Bameister's incident*

Tammy Roberts: That's right! Sneaking up on the person when the person is unguarded and least expected it. How amazing!

*She is getting more and more bitter as she is talking about it. She also sounds sarcastic*

Rodrick Jackson: WHAT! She is siding with numbnut now! That TRAITOR!

Niko Scott: Come on Rod, a good strategy is admired by all. She is unlike you, unappreciative of brilliant things.

Rodrick Jackson: THAT IS BRILLIANT! That joker can try harder but The Bameister still can upend him even with 10% of his energy.

Niko Scott: Come on man! Do not discredit him so easily! He is not that lousy, you know.

Harry Scary: You see, even you agree that it is brilliant.

*Harry Scary starting to get very proud of what he did to The Bameister*

Tammy Roberts: YOU RAT!!! You call sneaking up on a woman, AN EXCELLENT STRATEGY???!!!

*Her rage and screeching voice nearly blow Harry Scary's mind off*

Harry Scary: Woah, what just happen?

*Harry Scary looking dazed and confused*

Rodrick Jackson: THAT'S RIGHT! Your so-called brilliant strategist have a so-called brilliant strategy. That is to fulfil his fantasy!

Niko Scott: I mean Rod, that is a mistake. The whole world knows he is renowned for getting his directions wrong.

Rodrick Jackson: And the whole world knows he is renowned for getting beaten up by his opponents. Just look at what CMPUNISHER did to him, it was an absolute classic. It should be in that rat's DVD titled ''I am a loser, I lost to my opponent and my way". HAHA!

Harry Scary: Heh heh.. You mean that? It was a terrible mistake, you see. I am willing to apologize.

*Harry Scary is starting to feel embarrassed about what happened*

Tammy Roberts: Hmph! Since we are still talking about the PPV, The Fast Line. Another question pops up. How was the hat-trick of door slam to the face?

Rodrick Jackson: How can we forget that! It should be in Harry Scary's DVD too!

Niko Scott: Come on Rod! cut the guy some slack. It not like he did not do anything great that night!

Rodrick Jackson: Everything was great! From the door slam to getting beaten up by CMPUNISHER and even mocked at by the cameraman! Everything was just absolutely fantastic! Saved shoving the cameraman to The Bameister. That was a cheap shot! A lucky strike! A blind cat coming across a dead mouse!

Harry Scary: You know what Tammy? That was a painful night. It is as painful as The Negation. Getting slammed at three times in the nose. All with such force as if to kill. And CMPUNISHER seems like he has not kill for years. It felt like a hammer hitting my nose with a punch like that. If I am not Harry Scary, I would be in the hospital bed.

*Harry Scary starting to get proud again*

Rodrick Jackson: I don't know what is he proud of? He is proud that he keeps getting beaten up or is he proud that he lacks a brain? I know he is proud of losing even to a cameraman in a fight! HAHA!

Niko Scott: Rod, he is proud that after getting beaten up by such a fearsome opponent like CMPUNISHER, he is still able to stand. That is something to be proud of, you know. How many people can withstand such brute force from CMPUNISHER? The guy is so powerful and never ever showed mercy, it is quite lucky if you don't get killed by him. Look at what happen to Super Icon. After getting beaten up three times by CMPUNISHER. He suffered from multiple bone fractures and is out for a year!

Rodrick Jackson: Pity CMPUNISHER did not fight with that moron, if not, that moron would be out for a year. Then that will be a cause for celebration, damn it! But it's okay, The Bameister might break his bone and is bye bye to that moron forever.

*Niko Scott shakes his head and is once again starting to give up on Rodrick Jackson*

Tammy Roberts: But Harry, don't you know how to escape from any situation easily? Why did you not escape from any of the four occasions presented to you? Instead, you suffer from 4 crushing blows to the nose.

Harry Scary: I? Why? I mean anybody can have an off day ya. I can tell you honestly that, at that time my legs were rooted to the ground, if not how can any of you could have hit me in the nose. Kee hee hee.

Rodrick Jackson: It is because he is an imbecile and he is stunned because of fear! That is why he cannot escape each time. Boast all you want dog, but everybody knows that he is a phoony.

Niko Scott: And everybody knows that he is a smart hero. Only you cannot see his strengths.

Rodrick Jackson: Just like you cannot see The Bameister's strengths.

Niko Scott: But that guy is a PSYCHO!!!

Rodrick Jackson: And this guy is a DUMBASS!!!

Tammy Roberts: Okay. Talking about the negation, what do you have tonight for your opponent, The Bameister?

Harry Scary: I have absolutely nothing for him except for an air ticket. Ha ha.. I was just kidding.

*Harry Scary smiles weakly*

Niko Scott: You see that is what I call a joke! That was funny!

Rodrick Jackson: Of course it was! He wants to give The Bameister an air ticket so that he would not face him again.

Niko Scott: Come on man, you think too much! That is so far-fetched to say the least.

Rodrick Jackson: Then why the hell pea-brain was smiling weakly? It just shows that he is afraid of The Bameister.

Niko Scott: Whatever you know that, Whatever.

Tammy Roberts: Really nothing for The Bameister? I thought you are full of queer ideas? Smashing into a camera set. Making friends with an enemy. Saying names wrongly. Shoving cameraman around. Sneaking up on people who is defenceless. Getting beaten up and still joke about it, right? After all your most stupid actions on TV, you have nothing for The Bameister?

Rodrick Jackson: Of course he has nothing! What can he offer? A rag doll?! A pig's brain? Or maybe he can offer a ''I am stupid" sign! Ha ha.

Niko Scott: I think he can offer more that you can think of, okay. He is after all, quite well accomplished!

Rodrick Jackson: That's right he can offer a lot! He can print millions of that "I am stupid" sign. Ha ha!!!

Niko Scott: I give up on you, dog! Where the hell is Vince White or Tony Jacobs? Get them down right now and hurl this joker out of the building.

Rodrick Jackson: Come on Nik, we have known each other for years. You only know bird-brain just. You still want to defend this ape further?

Harry Scary: I do have something for him and the fans around the world. No matter what Rodrick Jackson calls me, whether it is pea-brain, bird-brain or Bahrain, or whether it is donkey, monkey or car key, or whether it is stupid clown, low down or wedding gown, or whether it is baffoon, baboon or balloon. I still can hold my own against anybody, you know that.

*Harry Scary is starting to feel pumped up*

Niko Scott: Ha ha, he is making a dig at you!

Rodrick Jackson: Ha ha, very funny. That is what loud mouth is famous for! Hitting a cheap shot on anybody!

Niko Scott: Sour grapes, my friend. You are just not as talented as him.

Harry Scary: I am well verse in anything I do, be it fighthing or using my brain, and many of you know it.

Tammy Roberts: And many of us know you are perverse as well.

Harry Scary: I.. I.. I..

*Harry Scary is absolutely dumbfounded by Tammy Roberts' response*

Rodrick Jackson: Ha ha! He is talented all right! I am really not as talented at him when it comes to this kind of things!

Niko Scott: I don't know what I am going to say about you! Get Vince White out right NOW!

*Harry Scary suddenly comes up with a sentence to erase his embarrassment*

Harry Scary: The Bameister! You might have lock The Negation on me, but don't worry, I am not out just yet! I have a series of surprises for you for tonight and the next few weeks. Hope you can take it my friend.

Niko Scott: Woah! that sounded serious after that embarrassment! Is he finally going to show us what he is really capable of? Is it the hint of finally showing us what the Secret Hidden Technique is? What surprises does Harry Scary have for The Bameister?

Rodrick Jackson: Yup! He is finally going to show us why you should not anger The Bameister, and he is going to show us which way is it to the nearest hospital, that's for sure! As for surprises, he will show us how to break every of your bones in your body in 3 seconds! Ha ha!

Tammy Roberts: Thank you very much, Harry!

*As the scene starts to fade, suddenly a shouting can be heard, 'WHERE IS THE TOILET?!' screaming all around the arena*

Niko Scott: Hee hee, it seems like he cannot be serious for long.

Rodrick Jackson: How can that looney be serious at all?! The only thing he can be serious about is to be seriously injured!

Niko Scott: All right! All right! Another word from you and I will be the one heading to the hospital! We will be right back after this!
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Surprises Galore for The Bameister
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