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 A Blatant Mistake or An Excellent Strategy

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Harry Scary


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PostSubject: A Blatant Mistake or An Excellent Strategy   Wed Jun 02 2010, 19:52

*The match between The Bameister and Harry Scary is about to begin and Jimmy Hall is ready to introduce them. Fans are also excited as the wrestlers are about to make their entry*

Niko Scott: I cannot wait for this feud to go on, this feud is nothing short of being magical! I hope this feud can go on forever! I cannot wait for this match to start!

Rodrick Jackson: That's right! I cannot wait for 'The Tens of Sword' The Bameister to whip that baffoon's ass! This feud will not last forever! It will just last for one solitary minute! HAHA!

Niko Scott: Rod! Shut up and put one finger on your lips! No one wants to hear you speak after you say that their hero is of low standard! Their hero may I remind you before you say anything crazy, is one of astute strategy and that is why Harry Scary is ahead 2-1 in their previous meetings!

Rodrick Jackson: But that clown is a ZERO!! He is nothing, a nobody, A PIECE OF THRASH!! And that directional problematic genius will waste 10 minutes of air time just getting into the ring.

*Suddenly, The Bameister's theme hits. Loud boos can be heard all over the arena. 'Down with Mister Bam' can be heard shouting from the crowd. Fans are also shouting at the top of their lungs as if to overpower The Bameister's theme song*

Jimmy Hall: Ladies and Gentlemen, standing at 6"0 and weighing in at 224 pounds, the Ten of Swords, please welcome, THE BAMEISTER!

*Fans start to throw water bottles in the direction of the entrance ramp, they are really livid at The Bameister's actions for the past few weeks. Fans are also making their presence felt by screaming vulgarities directed at The Bameister. As the curtains push open, a figure comes out and starts running around, pumps up the crowd and picks up a microphone*

Rodrick Jackson: WAIT A MINUTE! That's not The Bameister! What's that idiot doing coming out to The Bameister's theme!

Niko Scott: Wait a minute here now! That is HARRY SCARY! What is he doing?

Rodrick Jackson: That JACKASS! That's hell of a disrepect! That joker should be thrown out of the building!

*Deafening boos change to that of loud cheers, when fans realized that their hero has come out instead. Some sections of the crowd even gives Harry Scary a standing ovation as if he had rid ESW of a great enemy. 'Down with Mister Bam' continues to ring among the crowd, as if to will Harry Scary on and defeat their hated wrestler.*

Niko Scott: Heh heh! His poor directional skills gets the better of him once again. He comes out too late for the last few occasions and now he comes out too early. Wait a minute! Is this one of the surprises he promised us earlier during his interview. Coming out to his opponent's theme song? A bit of a mind game tactics, this feud has produced so far, and this feud is not even over yet! There will be more to come from this two fierce rivals, I can guarantee you that, Rod!

Rodrick Jackson: And I can guarantee you this fraud of a human being, is going to see the last of his time in this company! Coming out to The Bameister's theme, warrants a beat down even more devastating than what CMPUNISHER gave to him. I would love to see what The Bameister do to him, right here right now! And call an ambulance! Ha ha! This kind of surprises can never ever surprised The Bameister! It will surprised that goon when The Bameister deals with him with a legendary submission, The Negation!

Niko Scott: Like I say, it's a kind of mind game, Harry Scary is playing with The Bameister! And I tell you this, Harry Scary has succeeded!

Rodrick Jackson: Yup! He is really going to succeed in showing us the fastest way to the hospital I tell you! The Bameister is going to kill him for showing such utter disrespect! Doomsday loom for this coward and The Bameister will destroy him with EASE!

Harry Scary: How are all of you tonight?! And by the way people, it is The Bameister.

*Fans start laughing and continue to cheer for Harry Scary as he continues to amuse them*

Rodrick Jackson: And he still dare says 'how are all of you tonight?!' I will tell you how I feel tonight! I feel like ripping your head off for insulting a fellow wrestler, and a even much more better wrestler than you at that!

*Harry Scary is still addressing his fans on the entrance ramp when suddenly a figure appears behind him*



*The Bameister seems poised and ready to attack Harry Scary from behind, but Harry Scary is quite wary of it as the fans started to shout for him to watch out. The Bameister tries to take Harry Scary down, but Harry Scary dodges to one side*

Niko Scott: That is absolutely sly!

Harry Scary: Woah! Watch out! You could have hit me there! I am just addressing the fans and was about to tell them how classic a match we are going to have in a few minutes time. Can't you wait even for a few minutes?!

Rodrick Jackson: You tell me Nik, which gorilla would come out here to his opponent's theme and tell him that he was addressing the fans?!

Niko Scott: It is all strategy, my friend.

Rodrick Jackson: Now tell me, what kind of strategy makes you looks clueless of what you are doing?!

*Niko Scott is utterly speechless at that question*

Rodrick Jackson: This bird-brain has done his job of fooling his so-called fans! BUT NOT ME!! He can trick anyone! BUT NOT ME!! This is no strategy, he just simply and blatantly walks out mistakenly and that fool does not even realized it!

The Bameister: Justice bringing spawn! This place is not big enough to room both you and I! Listen and listen good! We don't need the ring to settle this match! We can settle it anywhere I want! We do not need a referee! We need a medical officer, after I snap your justice dreams and your stupid fantasy. And I promise, you will never again set foot in this arena!

*The Bameister starts walking towards Harry Scary*

Rodrick Jackson: This is what I am talking about! The Bameister! Look at what true justice is all about!

Niko Scott: You are twisted, man!

Harry Scary: You got to be joking, right?! But then again, who am I kidding! Since you and I cannot be pals for now, I will think of a way next time. And I will promise you one thing too, this is not one of my surprises..

*Before Harry Scary could finish what he wanted to say, The Bameister goes forward and takes Harry Scary down and the brawl ensued. Both of them fight so fiercely that they represent two tigers. The pre-match brawl is driving the crowd wild as the fight continue. Even the announcers are overly hyped over this incident. The staffs and referees have trouble just separating the two apart. The Bameister and Harry Scary also takes out some of the people trying to separate them, just so that they could give each other another shot*

Niko Scott: There goes another ref, Rod! Talking about great minds think alike!

Rodrick Jackson: GREAT?! Harry Scary?! Great?! You must have a screw loose. Harry Scary is fighting like a wimp!

Niko Scott: But you have to be honest, this brawl adds on to their feud! This can go on forever between this two! And from the way Harry Scary is saying, they might one day become good friends.

Rodrick Jackson: No one wants to be as dunce as Mr Circus himself. Best friends with him? Unless that person has witness pigs flying or extraordinary things like a snake with two legs!

Niko Scott: Whatever you say fella, I hope there will be more friction between them. Be it good or bad!

*As Niko and Rodrick are still commentating on the brawl, the staffs and referees manage to pull The Bameister and Harry Scary apart*

Niko Scott: Oh! A sad end to a fantastic back and forth action!

Rodrick Jackson: Back and forth! Are we watching the same thing?! That was an absolute landslide! A squash match! A one way traffic for The Bameister! Thick Head had no chance at all!

*After the brawl cooled down and both wrestlers entered the ring, the match can finally began*

Niko Scott: It is starting soon! The real fight between them! Who will takes it this time?!

Rodrick Jackson: This match will end in a clear thrashing because The Bameister will unleash the real brand of justice on Mr Justice Quack and he will proceed on to kiss the moon.

Niko Scott: I won't be calling the match so quickly if I were you.
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A Blatant Mistake or An Excellent Strategy
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