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 Dorm's thought of his last match

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PostSubject: Dorm's thought of his last match   Thu Jun 03 2010, 18:55

lights dimmed as dorm's titan tron hits the screen..Dorm's bring a microphone out as he limps his way down to the ring..He enters the ring and look at his leg..

The crowds boos as he starts speaking

Dorm:Heh!that lucky DRK guy..hmmm..I could have beaten him in our last match..I totally dominated that match!I can't believe he won?What a match?He fluke that win?He totally stole my glory!

The crowds laughs and chant 'Serve you right' over and over again

Dorm:No!I don't deserve!you fools knows that right and well!Don't give me that *censored beep*!!I'm the actual winner!!He's just a piece of fluke!!!If you fools don't believe then let's get me and him again in this ring one on one one more time and i'll show you how a true winner finish this..I know i may be injured right now..but thats now my problem right now..I'm still fit enough to fight..So,DRK,why don't you just come down here and fight me,man to man...

Dorm lowers the mic and face the screen
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PostSubject: DRK answers Dorm   Fri Jun 04 2010, 05:08

*EKG hits and DRK's Titan Trons hits*

*DRK comes down to the ring and asks for a microphone*

DRK: Norm, Norm, Norm...

Dorm: Are you an idiot?!? My name is...

*DRK interrupts*


*Crowd erupts in cheers. Nurse Payne shakes her head and rolls her eyes in disappointment.*

DRK: First you come out here whining once more that you lost, that you were cheated, that you need a hug, that your boyfriend doesn't love you...

*Crowd applauds and laughter is heard throughout the arena*
*Payne puts her hand on her mouth and lowers her head as to trying to hide a smile*

Dorm: Why don't you let your wrestling do the talking?

*DRK looks at Nurse Payne*

DRK: Should we play with him babe?

Dorm: So you do whatever she says?!? I see!

*Dorm starts laughing*

DRK: If you knew what I know you would do WHATEVER she wanted too!

*Payne looks at DRK with her eyes wide open and blushes*
*Crowd goes wild*
*A close-up on Dorm's face as he is seen about to explode with anger*

DRK: I'll meet you in the ring later for your re-match. First I have to take care of some business. Come babe.

*DRK gives the microphone back and leaves with Payne*
*Crowd is heard cheering while hurling insults at Dorm*
*Dorm stands in the ring staring at DRK on his way to the back. His face of anger peeking into hatred are unquestioned.*
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PostSubject: Re: Dorm's thought of his last match   Sat Jun 05 2010, 21:28

Once DRK are no longer to be seen in the arena,Dorm highers his microphone..

Dorm:Heh!I don't know what is in his mind..Only do what she wants too..look at me,I don't need anyone to manage..Because I can't manage everything else on my own..He seems complacent..How can he look down on a person like me?!How can he make such stupid jokes on me,someone who fluke the match from last week..I should have won that last match..Argh!!He fluke this match and say I'm whining?!!How dare he?!

The crowds continue laughing as they chant 'loser'

Dorm:Shut up!!Shut up!!!I'm not a loser!!!You fool just watch!!!I'm going to win the next match!!!just see!!!

Dorm threw the mic out of the ring and exit the arena to get prepared for the match
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PostSubject: Re: Dorm's thought of his last match   

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Dorm's thought of his last match
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