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 Tired of Waiting (open to anybody)

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PostSubject: Tired of Waiting (open to anybody)   Tue Jun 08 2010, 21:34

The cameras roll up into the ring as we see Jessica Orlando on the mic

Jessica Orlando: Ladies and gentleman please welcome The cold blast.

Heir Kommt Alex plays over the PA and Cold makes his way to the ring

Vince White: Is it just me or can nobody understand a word in Cold's new entrance song?

Tony Jacobs: Well ive been told Cold is part german so dont blame him, lets just see why he is comeing out here.

Cold Blast: Ladies and gentleman its been a long time since you have seen me around. Dont worry theres nothing wrong with me I just havent been told to do anything so yea.

Tony Jacobs: I dont blame him for not being on a show. He hasnt done anything since last season.

Cold Blast: Im not out here to demand a match or for Kojo to come out and explain why I havent been on the shows. I just want to tell the guys in the back. If you want a match you got one. Im getting lazy and need some action in this fed. Kojo im fine with what your doing keep it up but somebody in the back come down here and lets get a match going.

Vince White: Well will anybody come out for Cold or will he be forced to leave to start the next match?

Tony Jacobs: Only time will tell Vince only time will tell.

Cameras go to the entrance ramp and waits for somebody to come out

If somebody wants to continue go ahead. If nobody wants to or if you dont want to use this im fine with it. I just wanted to make a RP and see if it gets used.
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Tired of Waiting (open to anybody)
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