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 I am the last of my kind...

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Drake Reinhardt

Drake Reinhardt

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PostSubject: I am the last of my kind...   Sun Jun 13 2010, 04:48

Camera is cut to the backstage where we see a mysterious man, sitting on his throne, with his head down. It's dark, but it's chilly atmosphere makes the scene go alive, making shivers go through everyone's spine. Few bats fly across the camera as the camera goes forward...

Mystery Man: For thousands of years...we have existed amongst people. Our true noble race have conquered nations with brutal force, but little by little...we became extinct......

The man taps his fingers on the handle of his throne that has been made from skull

Mystery Man: Do you believe in fear? Do you believe it so much so that you can taste it? Our race was well-known, from our noble backgrounds, social aristocrats....but now......we are nothing more than pure wanderers on the face of the earth....

Mystery Man rises his head, showing his pale face to the camera

Mystery Man: I am a vampire, born as a normal human being, but gained immortality....the blood that we feed, is life, and it shall be mine....it's like sweet nectar, crimson river, that runs through our vains.....Blood, is too precious a thing in these times, the war-like days are over! The victories of our great race are but a tale to be told...

Mystery Man lowers his head again

Mystery Man: I...am the last of my kind...

He looks up to the camera, showing his sadistic look

Drake: My name...is Drake Reinhardt....and i have come to ESW......

Drake picks up a chalice from the ground

Drake: A toast...to the beginning of the end....

He drinks from the chalice and spits some blood to the camera lens while laughing hysterically

Screen fades to black
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PostSubject: Re: I am the last of my kind...   Sun Jun 13 2010, 19:52

good rp...I think if we were to have a fued...it could get interesting. Me eing the only of my kind and you the only of your kind. clashing gimmicks
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I am the last of my kind...
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