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 DRK backstage interview - DRK vs Blobber

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PostSubject: DRK backstage interview - DRK vs Blobber   Mon Jun 14 2010, 05:57

*Michelle Parker is seen standing in the backstage area preparing for an interview. DRK and Nurse Payne join her. Cheers are heard around the arena*

Michelle Parker: Well DRK today you meet The Blobber in the ring, what do you have to say about that?

DRK: First of all I would like to thank Kojo for his help last week. Just know that whenever you need my help, I'll be there.

*Crowd pops when they hear Kojo's name."

DRK: Yeah, last week Blobber tried to take something that wasn't his. I just hope his underwear doesn't still smell like my boot after last week's ass kicking!

*Crowd pops even harder*

DRK: Today it's just you and me "Blobby" and I'll make sure you don't mess with my stuff again! Come babe.

*DRK starts to leave with Nurse Payne and before leaving slaps Michelle Parker in the ass as if celebrating in a baseball game.*
*With her eyes wide open in disbelief and embarrassed she stutters to the camera*

Michelle Parker: Well... uh... there you have it... back to you g-g-guys.

*blushing and frozen in front of the camera*

Tony Jacobs: Did he just...?!?

Vince White: I think he did.

Tony Jacobs: I'm starting to like this guy!

*They look at each other and smile.*
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DRK backstage interview - DRK vs Blobber
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