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 Making a statement towards the NEW Heavyweight Champion

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Drake Reinhardt


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PostSubject: Making a statement towards the NEW Heavyweight Champion   Tue Jun 22 2010, 17:26

Gregorian - Ave Satani starts to play through the PA systems

Vince White: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back to Extreme Style Wrestling's new season, and we start out with a bang!
Tony Jacobs: You can say that again, in comes the man who made his debut in that very ring and demolished none other than Zack Neal!
Vince White: And you can say that it was pretty one-sided match, because Drake Reinhardt surely made a huge impact in here!
Tony Jacobs: We shall wait and see what "the vampire" has to say....?

Drake Reinhardt starts to walk towards the ring

Vince White: This guy creeps me out, big time!

He climbs up to the ring and immediately asks for a mic. He stares at the crowd for brief second as he starts to talk

Drake: ESW Universe...i would like to welcome each and everyone of you, to a new season of ESW!

Crowd starts to cheer

Drake: This season will be one of the greatest ever, because we will make history!

Crowd starts to cheer yet again

Vince White: Cheap pops after another...

Drake: But before i get into that, i want to take you all back to the past...to the Locked Exit, and show you some footage from there....roll the clip!

Vince: A clip?

TitanTron shows the match between Zack Neal and Drake Reinhardt. We see some back and forth action, the devastating Cradle Piledriver from Drake and the finishing maneuvre called "Circle Of the Moon", and we see Drake celebrating his victory over Zack Neal.
The clip ends

Drake stares at the Titantron with a smirk on his face

Drake: I believe i did what i promised to Kojo Styles...i promised him that i would make a huge impact in my debut, and single handedly dismantled Zack Neal. Kudos to Zack though, he give a pretty good fight, but as you all saw, it wasn't enough....

Drake gives wide smile, showing his fangs to the crowd

Drake: Zack was only the first one.....in my path of glory.....he will go down in history as the first victim of my ruthless aggression....his soul is mine now...

Drake gives a sadistic chuckle

Drake: Which brings us to the second matter.....Uryu Ishida.....

Crowd starts to cheer loudly

Drake: The NEW ESW Heavyweight Champion....congratulations to him, he beated Dirty Sean and claimed the grand prize.

Drake makes brief pause

Drake: But his glory will end soon.....

Vince White: What?
Tony Jacobs: You mean...?

Drake: I have a message to the champ himself.......Uryu, enjoy your time as the top dog, but mark my words, your time is running out before it has even begun. I'm coming after you, and sooner or later......your soul and your title.....

Drake gives a sadistic smile

Drake: (with grim voice)....will be MINE!!

*replies needed*
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Uryu Ishida


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PostSubject: Re: Making a statement towards the NEW Heavyweight Champion   Sun Jun 27 2010, 14:00

*The arena drops pitch black, Then the titantron flashes showing a message*
*Drake turns to the Titantron*
Vince White: The Last of an acient breed, Its Uryu!
*Uryu's music hits the arena as he stands at the top of the ramp with a microphone*
*The fans are fanatic at there champions apperance*
Uryu: Lets be real about this Drake
*Uryu pauses while looking down to the floor, then he raises his head again*
Uryu: My title ? My soul?, The only thing you will leave that ring with.... is dissapointment
Tony Jacobs: Uryu's rallying up the crowd with fighting talk, I love it!
Vince White: I cant wait to see these two face off!
Uryu: Im not one to be underestimated
*Uryu Drops his mic and leaves to the backstage area*
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Making a statement towards the NEW Heavyweight Champion
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