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 Interview with Ganadriel(to the blobber)

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PostSubject: Interview with Ganadriel(to the blobber)   Wed Jul 07 2010, 02:08

*a camera from the arena focuses on the titan-throne where Michelle Parker is walking up and down in the man's locker room*

Michelle Parker:*silently* Where is he? Where could he be?

*suddenly some knock's could be heard from a locker*

Michelle Parker: Who is that? Where are you?

*the locker room starts to tremble as if someone is kicking it*

Michelle Parker:*to the camera guy* I think someone is inside.

*she gets closer and opens the door*

Michelle Parker: Oh there you are! I was searching for you for like 10 minutes.

*the camera shows the person inside the locker where Ganadriel was locked up*

*the crowd starts cheering at their favorite*

Ganadriel: For me? Oh sorry... I got stuck here so I tought i should go to sleep and wait until someone helps me out.

Michelle Parker: What were you doing there anyways?

Ganadriel: Well it's a reaaaaally long story... and you wouldn't believe it either so i won't bother explaining.

Michelle Parker: Yea sure. But what was with all that knocking and bashing? You could have just said it was you.

Ganadriel: What? What bashing? Ohhhh....I was still sleeping and i had a nightmare.

*the crowd is laughing at Ganadriel*

*Michelle smiles a bit, but she can't hold it and bursts out laughing*

*Ganadriel looks at her clueless*

Ganadriel: What's so funny?

Michelle Parker: Oh nothing. Let's just talk about the reason I was looking for you. I heard you will have a game tonight against The Blobber. How prepared do you consider yourself after this short break. You didn't have a match for a while now.

Ganadriel: Oh do I have a match tonight? Wow, I tought I will miss that as well. Well I did a lot of practice in my holiday. Played lots of wrestling games on my new computer so I am fully prepared.

*the crowd laughs at their sleepy idol*

Michelle Parker: Not like that you dummy. I mean if you are physically prepared for the fight.

Ganadriel: Why didn't you say so in the start? I am completely fit for this fight.

Michelle Parker: Thank you for the interview Ganadriel.

Ganadriel: No problem. And thanks for letting me out of the locker. By the way The Blobber, hope you are prepared tonight because you won't have an easy match. That's a promise.

*the titan-throne fades and the arena cam focuses on the ramp because the next match is about to begin*

EDIT: deleted the *if he responds* line because he doesn't seem to...if you(the blobber) still want to continue the rp then just continue as the last line isn't existing
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Interview with Ganadriel(to the blobber)
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