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 Lungz's Debut right before his match with Super Aid.

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PostSubject: Lungz's Debut right before his match with Super Aid.   Wed Jul 07 2010, 22:20

The lights in the arena go out all of a sudden...

There is an ominous silence ringing through the darkness when suddenly Mushroomhead's Burn begins to play, and the arena is illuminated with a MUL T I-COLORED array of lights.After a moment an odd character with Teal dreadlocks that reach the middle of his back, A White Painted Face with a Red cross down the center, wearing black pants and shoes and a Black military style vest with the Mushroomhead 'X Face' logo emblazoned on the back of it makes his way out of the entrance with a crazed but far off lok in his eyes, he slowly makes his way towards the ring never looking at or interacting with anything just starring at the ring and his opponent for the evening Super Aid blankly buy with an intesnity that seems otherworldly. He stops just short of the ring and motions to the Ring Announcer for a microphone, he begins to laugh maniacaly and then begins to speak after a moment.

??????: "I'm sure you're all wondering who I am and why I've Interupted your precious ESW show tonight, right?"

The Crowd beings to Scream 'YES!' and Super Aid nods. The Strange Figure continues as though he hadn't noticed the response.

??????: "I am Lungz, and I am here to Open the Eyes of those in or involved with the ESW with the Spirit Molecule! "

The crowd is now silent, and the fans that can be seen front row look very confused. Super Aid then motions to the Ring Side Attendants and gets his own microphone, he then responds.

Super Aid: " What in the hell are you babbling about? Did you come here to talk about some ridiculous sounding B.S or have a match with the Undefeated Extreamist Champion here on ESW Crazed Adrenaline?"

The Crowd cheers Loudly!!!!!!!!!!! Lungz then lifts his microphone and begins to voice his reply.

Lungz: "What I am 'Babbling' about is the life changing revelation known as the ..........DMT Tripp!Which you all will know about very soon, one way or another........"

The crowd again seems confused as a whole, however a few fans do scream out "Hell Yeah!" with enthusiam. Super Aid decides it is now his turn to voice his oppinon on that as well.

Super Aid: "I still have no idea what you're talking about, but what I do know is I'm going to kick your ass tonight 'one way or another' so you should just get in the ring and take your beating the easy way."

The Crowd Cheers Again!!!!!!!!

Lungz:*Sigh* "It is a travesty that you will have to experience your dosage this way my adverasary, for your Eyes COULD have Been Opened!"

Lungz then drops the microphone to the floor outside the ring and rolls into the ring ready to begin the contest.
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Lungz's Debut right before his match with Super Aid.
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