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 Interview RP for The Deathbringer

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PostSubject: Interview RP for The Deathbringer   Thu Jul 08 2010, 21:35

Someone wearing a White and Red mask is walking down the hall. Tammy immideatly catches up to him with a microphone in hand

Tammy: Excuse me, but who are you?

????:You Can call me Deathbringer.

Tammy:Okay, why are you here backstage in the stadium?

Deathbringer:You Ask Too Many questions.

Tammy's face shows a hurt expression, but she continues the interview.

Tammy: I'm an interviewer, I'm supposed to. Can I have a legitimate answer please?

Deathbringer:That'd be because I'm your newest superstar.

While Deathbringer's eyes remain cold, almost a glare of hatred resting on Tammy, Tammy doesn't show any signs of intimidation, but the security Guards look ready to attack him if he makes a wrong move. Deathbringer turns his gaze towards the guard, they do not budge, but he doesn't take his eyes off them.

Deathbringer: I must get ready for my match against 3mu now.

He turns his gaze once more to Tammy, who this time cautiously steps back. Deathbringer turns and leaves towards the locker room

Tammy leaves without a word, her guards follow.
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Interview RP for The Deathbringer
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