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 Annihilater's open challenge (Open to first reply, probably a face)

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CO. Annihilater

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PostSubject: Annihilater's open challenge (Open to first reply, probably a face)   Sat Jul 10 2010, 12:25

"Monster" by Skillet hits and an unknown man in a mask walks out onto the ramp, the fans have no Idea what to make of him, he continues his way slowly to the ring, he walks around the announce table and requests a microphone he get's one and enters the ring.

?????: My name...is Annihilater!

The fans still dont know what to make of the masked man

Annihilater: I am here for a few reasons, the main one being, to inflict pain on every single member of the E.S.W roster. And I don't give a crap about whos watching, if there's any kids in the crowd I'd recomend you make sure they dont see what I do to my opponents.

Fans still unsure about this dude

Annihilater: And let me get one thing straight, I dont care about the fans, or the staff, the only one I care about is me, and my allys but mostly me, because I dont have many allys.

Some fans begining to boo for this guy, and Annihilater starts laughing an evil laugh

Annihilater: If there's anyone in the back who wants a piece of me...hahahhahahahahaha...

Annihilaters laughing getting louder


Annihilater stands back against the turnbuckle and waits for someone to come out
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VG. The Deathbringer
Vice General Manager
Vice General Manager

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PostSubject: Re: Annihilater's open challenge (Open to first reply, probably a face)   Fri Jul 16 2010, 02:39

Good roleplay, but, the text needs t be in full colour and bolded, the Parts where your not talking isnt bolded. I will bold and add colour for you on the show, but try to do that next time. Thanks.
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Annihilater's open challenge (Open to first reply, probably a face)
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