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 The Ultimate Destroya Appears

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The Ultimate Destroya

The Ultimate Destroya

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PostSubject: The Ultimate Destroya Appears   Fri Jul 16 2010, 20:21

The Lights Go Out
a series of coloured spotlights creates a terrific lightshow
and many changing-coloured Pyrotechnics flash all the way on the Titan Tron
The Ultimate Destroya makes his way to the ring
wearing all out black and a black hat. Darkness is all you can see
mounting a custom chopper
with his lover who kisses him burning with passion
a light shines over him on the ring

The Ultimate Destroya: Last week my fellow opponent cut a promo. The dumbest promo I have seen in my life.

The Crowd: The crowd cheers and Steel sucks chants begin.

The Ultimate Destroya: What did he do? I can’t even remember that’s how bad it was. Wasn’t it like he threw 5 pennies he’s earned all his life on the ground and said go by yourself a cookie. What a rebel. Not!!!

The Crowd: Steele sucks chants get louder.

The Ultimate Destroya: Last week he called me a jobber. And we see what I the jobber did to him. I obliterated his butt. He was bleeding his life out and his career almost ended right there.

The Crowd: The crowd starts cheering.

The Ultimate Destroya: We see who the real jobber is now. He said he was going to havoc this roster and make an impact. But I think now he might be having second thoughts. Why? Because the Destroya is here.

The Crowd: The crowd’s cheer gets louder.

The Ultimate Destroya: All my life people have feared me. I have brought chaos wherever I have gone. From choke slamming announcers to ending careers of wrestler I have done nothing but destroyed. No one and I mean no one escapes my wrath. And when people like Michael Steel insult me he doesn’t help his cause of being destroyed.

The Crowd: The crowd is dead silent.

The Ultimate Destroya: The fans of ESW I have a message for you now. As long as you root for me and don’t get in my way you will not be harmed. In fact as long as you cheer for me I will destroy all these crappy wrestlers who they are all that. I promise you will have at least one entertaining match each night.

The Crowd: The crowd looks confused and shows mixed emotion.

The Ultimate Destroya: And all of you in the locker room you better watch your backs because you maybe the next person to be destroyed. So beware and take a scare for I am The Ultimate Destorya and destroying is my game.
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The Ultimate Destroya Appears
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