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 Moonlight's debut v.s. Far Cry

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PostSubject: Moonlight's debut v.s. Far Cry   Fri Jul 23 2010, 00:55

A new wrestler makes his entrance and begins walking towards the ring. The crowd is silent.

Wrsetler: Hello ESW. Hows it going? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Moonlight, and as you already know, I'm new here. I decided to come here to ESW not because I needed money. I could just get a normal job if i needed to. I decided to come here for two reasons. One, the wonderful fans!

The crowd begins cheering for Moonlight

Moonlight: Thank you, Thank you. Now let me finish. Two, some new, more challenging competition. I've fought everyone from backyard wrestlers to MMA fighters in everything from HardCore tag team matches to Ultimate Submission matches. I've seen and done just about everything but I've never fought here on ESW. Another thing is...

Far Cry: I'm gonna stop you're little blab fest now before it gets any worse.

The crowd starts booing Far Cry and cheering Moonlight

Far Cry: Shut up! I don't care what you idiots have to say! Im tired of these guys coming out here and encouraging these bafoons and making themselves sound all great. Next you're gonna make an open challenge.

Moonlight: Far Cry, a) these "bafoons" pay for your house, your car, your clothes.. your life so you better start treating them right and b) I am making an open challenge to any wrestler on the roster.

Far Cry: Of course you are. Well, even though you don't deserve the satisfaction of fighting me, I'll give it to you. Im accepting your open challenge.

Moonlight: I'm looking forward to it.

Both wrestlers leave the area
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Moonlight's debut v.s. Far Cry
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