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 Annihilater Interview

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CO. Annihilater
CO. Annihilater

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PostSubject: Annihilater Interview   Sat Jul 24 2010, 19:28

Annihilater is seen walking around backstage as Tammy Roberts approaches him

Tammy: Um excuse me, could you please spare a moment.

Annihilater turns his head quickly staring at Tammy

Annihilater: I dont have time to deal with you right now.

Annihilater walks away but Tammy catches up with him

Tammy: Please?

Annihilater: Make it quick.

Tammy: Okay so you have a match tonight?

Annihlater: Yes, against The Deathbringer, and if I win I advance in the Lightwieght championship tourney. And tonight I'm going to prove that there is only one great masked wrestler in ESW.

Annihilater walks off

Tammy: Um, wait, wait up, I wasn't finished.

Annihilater turns and stares at Tammy again

Annihilater: WHAT!?!?!?

Tammy: Do you have a stratagy for tonights match?

Annihilater: A stratagy? I don't need a stratagy! If you really need an answer then my stratagy is to rip his head off! What a stupid question.

Annihilater threatens to hit Tammy but instead punches the wall, which cracks with the impact. Annihilater walks off out the curtain to get ready for his match with Deathbringer.
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Annihilater Interview
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