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 Pre match conversation(opened for Domanater)

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PostSubject: Pre match conversation(opened for Domanater)   Sat Jul 24 2010, 23:24

*the lights in the arena suddenly turn off*

*in the dark, the titan-throne turns on with Korn-Evolution playing*

*the crowd's noise shakes the whole arena*

*Ganadriel makes his way out from the backstage and walks down the ramp wearing his usuall black caped cloak and with a mic in his hand*

*on his way to the ring he shackes hands with the fans close to the ramp*

Tony Jacobs: Oh its Ganadriel. He's one of the four contenders for the E.S.W. Extremist Champion title.

Vince White:
I think he talks too much. Though I enjoy his fights a bit, because he makes his opponents bleed frequently.

Tony Jacobs: I guess I will never understand why you love blood so much.

*as he gets in the center of the ring, Ganadriel throws his cape off and raises the mic to his mouth*

Ganadriel: Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to our show!

*the crowd cheers at Ganadriel's welcome*

*Ganadriel signals the crowd to get silent as he wants to say something*

Ganadriel: As you all know. I am one of the four contenders for the shiny E.S.W. Extremist Championship! I am determined to win it for the sake of my fans that supported me to get here! Most of the time I'm just the funny guy in the backstage, but now I am really serious about this title. This title means a lot for me and i don't want to loose the chance to get it, so Domanater be ready, because this match will be a really tough one!

Tony Jacobs: Big words from Ganadriel, but the crowd seems to agree.

Vince White:
I told you he talks to much. Where is Domanater already to close his mouth?!

(you can continue from here Domanater)

Last edited by Ganadriel on Sat Jul 24 2010, 23:28; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : forgot to color the chat:P)
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PostSubject: Re: Pre match conversation(opened for Domanater)   Sun Jul 25 2010, 18:44

Domanater's theme music hits showing all his powerful moves and wonderful victories here in Extreme Style Wrestling as he walks down the ramp with a cheerful smirk on his face, while holding a mic in hand he enters throw the bottom ropes sliding in.

Vince White: Ayy! It's our number one contender, Domanater, obviously you KNOW, he's gunna win tonight.

Tony Jacobs: I wouldn't be sure of it!

Domanater: Well, well, well... ahah! Look what we got here, Ladies and Gentlemen, what we have here is an Extreme Style Wrestling original, Ganadriel, he's been here since the start! HEY, HEY! Shouldn't you be retired right now. You and along with they other oldies we got here in E.S.W!

Ganadriel: The day I retire is the day you become World Champion my boy, and that's a never!

The crowd cheers in laughter.

Domanater: Oh wait, your right, you shouldn't be retired, you should be in the back making out with that Hooters girl we have for an Interviewer, Michelle Parker...

Ganadriel: You watch your mouth alright!

Vince White: Haha, that was a good one! Hooters... heh.

Tony Jacobs: Leave the poor women alone!

Domanater: Calm down buddy, let's get down to business alright! Tonight we have a match, contenders match for the, Extremist... Championship... Gold!!!

Crowd cheers.

Domanater: And look, I'm number one baby... and you at you... all the way down at number 4... haha!!

Ganadriel: Well after tonight, I'm gunna be number one!!

Crowd screams to the top of there lungs for Ganadriel.

Domanater: SHUT UP!!! Listen dude, you got another thing comin' if you think you can actually beat me tonight understand?

(Ganadriel, you can continue)
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PostSubject: Re: Pre match conversation(opened for Domanater)   Mon Jul 26 2010, 14:19

(fix your pre-last talk....it says "and you at you"Razz)

Ganadriel: Honestly...I don't think i will win. I just know it!

Domanater:You know you will beat me?...Heh...that's a new one. I think I deserve some respect.

Ganadriel: Look "buddy". Since my time here in E.S.W....and it was a pretty long time, I never lost to anyone but one person. He's the only one who deserves my respect, so you can take your mind off that.

*Ganadriel throws his mic out of the ring and takes off his cape throwing it in the crowd*

Ganadriel: I think it's enough of talking. I don't care if you insult me, but when you insult the crowd, Michelle and the other E.S.W. originals then you deserve to be taught a lesson.

*the crowd cheers in agreement*

*Ganadriel takes up a fighting position*

(you can continue from here Domanater or you can let it like this)
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PostSubject: Re: Pre match conversation(opened for Domanater)   Mon Jul 26 2010, 18:28

Tony Jacobs: POWERFUL, and some strong words here from our Ganadriel Ladies and Gentlemen.

Vince White: You damn right you better teach that little punk a lesson!

Tony Jacobs: Well I can't not agree with you there Vince, heahah...

Vince White: WHO WOO WHOH!!! What's he doing?

All a sudden Domanater slide out of the ring and runs up the ramp catching up to Ganadriel turning him around so that their face to face then gives him a mighty kick to the gut and runs with full speed backstage leaving Ganadriel on his knee holding his stomach with anger in his eyes.

Tony Jacobs: What a cheap shot! That boy needs to be taught some freaking respect!

Vince White: What a coward...

Scene fades out.
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PostSubject: Re: Pre match conversation(opened for Domanater)   

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Pre match conversation(opened for Domanater)
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