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 Harry Scary's Tag Team Quest interrupted by a Joker

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Harry Scary

Harry Scary

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PostSubject: Harry Scary's Tag Team Quest interrupted by a Joker   Sun Aug 01 2010, 10:12

*Tammy Roberts walks along the backstage and comes across Harry Scary deep in thoughts*

Tammy Roberts: Harry.. Harry..

*Tammy Roberts waving her hands frantically to catch Harry Scary's attention*

Rodrick Jackson: What the hell this joker is thinking? How to embarrassed himself again. Ha ha!

Niko Scott: Hey Rod, you are a joker yourself! This man has impressed since coming here and his win-loss record speaks volume for the magnitude of this well appreciated talent. The fans love him and staffs of our company respect him very much. He can be said to be well adored!

Rodrick Jackson: I am a staff of this company too you know and I don't even have an inch of respect for this dope.

Niko Scott: Then I will tell the boss to fire you, so you will not be the odd one out of this equation. The only bad egg in the basket.

Rodrick Jackson: Very funny smart aleck! The Hairy Sorry one should head home first!

Tammy Roberts: Harry! Snap out of this!

*Tammy Roberts still trying to gain Harry Scary's attention*

Harry Scary: Huh?! Yes?! What?!

*Harry Scary finally wake up from his dream*

Tammy Roberts: Penny for your thoughts, Harry?

Rodrick Jackson: Penny?! This goon must be trying to gain attention from our interviewer! That sneak!

Niko Scott: How come I have this feeling you will never going to like him even one bit?

Rodrick Jackson: Like him? I cannot even understand him! He is dumb, cannot find his way and does cheap shots! I am never going to be impressed with donkey himself!

*Niko Scott shrugs his shoulders and looks up, feeling disgusted*

Harry Scary: Yes! You see Tammy, I am just thinking why we did not come across The Bameister last week. We were searching high and low for him and he seems to disappear the whole time.

Tammy Roberts: Seems like he is not impressed with your proposal! How about coming up with another better idea so he will take the bait this time! After all, both of you were bitter rivals before. It must take an excellent scheme just to impress him.

Rodrick Jackson: That brainless fool can try all he like, but The Bameister will never ever give two damns for this kind of stupid proposal! It does not benefit him at all. Why team with a pig?! There are far more better, exciting and devastating choices and dim wad is not one of them.

Niko Scott: You know, your so called "dim wad" has a persuasive tongue. He seems to be able to convince people to join his quest. The Bameister might be touched by his sincerity and join him to become a dominant tag team. You never know!

Rodrick Jackson: You never know?! What I know is The Bameister has no feelings for sincerity and that every single one of the person, bird-brain persuaded has no brains! Stupid Jacky the Cameraman has no brains! He thinks standing on the stool will lift his IQ!

Niko Scott: How about Tammy? She has no brains?

Rodrick Jackson: If you stay long enough with Mr No Brain, his viruses around him will suck you out of your brains' essence and that is what exactly happening to her right now!

Harry Scary: Maybe I will try harder this time around, what do you think?

Tammy Roberts: Of course if you want this plan to work! Let's go find him right now!

Harry Scary: Let's go. This way, right?

Tammy Roberts: Unbelievable! You got it right!

Harry Scary: Of course!

*Harry Scary feeling proud of himself, before proceeding with Tammy Roberts to find The Bameister*

Rodrick Jackson: Feeling proud of such a silly thing! He must be deprived of feelings since childhood! HA HA!

Niko Scott: You said before that Harry Scary is full of nonsense right?

Rodrick Jackson: That's right! That's absolutely right! Bull's Eye! Never been more true!

Niko Scott: While I think you are full of SHIT!

Rodrick Jackson: Hey cool it dog, will ya?! What's so great about this peon?

Niko Scott: Then what's so great about you?

*Rodrick Jackson was stumped after that sentence*

Niko Scott: HA! Caught you out in the cold!

*As Tammy Roberts and Harry Scary are turning the corner, loud screams can be heard behind them*


*The screams were so loud and forceful that it rooted both Tammy Roberts and Harry Scary to the spot*

Tammy Roberts: Wh.. Who the hel.. hell was.. was that?

*Tammy Roberts sounds frightened and is clearly shivering after that ear piercing scream while Harry Scary quickly run in front of Tammy Roberts and hides himself from the screamer's sight*

Tammy Roberts: Wha.. what the hell are yo.. you doing?

Harry Scary: Hope you don't mind, I am looking for my lost coin.

Rodrick Jackson: SEE THAT NIK! I told you dumb ass is a coward!

Niko Scott: Every human will do that after such a ear rumbling scream. Even YOU AND ME TOO!

Rodrick Jackson: No way! I will face it like a man!

Niko Scott: Yeah right! Talking like a guy with a big gall out of a sudden!

Tammy Roberts: Who th.. the hell wa.. was that? Ca.. Can you fin.. find out?

Harry Scary: No. I am still looking for my coin.

Tammy Robert: You are a ma.. man, ho.. how can you be such a.. a coward?

Harry Scary: Tammy, you are first in the line. Why don't you find out first? I hate to be seen as a person who cuts the queue and there is a saying that ladies always go first. I am being a perfect gentleman.

*Harry Scary trying really hard to disappear behind Tammy Roberts and from sight from the screamer*

Rodrick Jackson: A perfect gentleman?! This baboon is tugging our interviewer's skirt. I bet he is trying to take advantage! That pervert! Hey Nik, what the hell are you doing covering your face?

*Niko Scott covering his face with both hands*

Niko Scott: Rod, I hope you don't mind telling me who that fierce person is. I think I will pass.

Rodrick Jackson: What! You are as timid as that rat!

Tammy Roberts: I.. I don't kno.. know who is that! May.. Maybe..

*Tammy Roberts still searching her mind on who this person can be*

Harry Scary: You know Tammy, this person might be 'The Demon' Mordukai! Please tell him that my soul is not for sale!

Tammy Roberts: Mor.. Mordukai, you must be jok.. joking. If he is, we are both dea.. dead any minute no.. now.

*Both of them are still grounded on the same spot*

Rodrick Jackson: MORDUKAI! Nice one there! Please claim this sad ass soul from us! Please!

Niko Scott: Mordukai.. That person is Mordukai?

Rodrick Jackson: Still afraid, dog? Sum up your courage man!

Tammy Roberts: Wai.. Wait a minute! That's not Mordukai!

*Tammy Roberts snapping out of being nervous*

Harry Scary: How do you know?

Tammy Roberts: I am a interviewer. I heard his voice many times already and that is not his voice!

Harry Scary: That's good! But wait, it might be worse! It might be Drake Reinhardt! Please tell him my blood is not suitable for him. No! Please tell him my blood dried up! No! Please tell him my blood is green in colour! That's right, green in colour!

*Harry Scary don't know what he is talking about*

Tammy Roberts: Really?! Drake Reinhardt?! We might be condemned by his eternal hunger for blood!

Rodrick Jackson: Drake Reinhardt! Even better! Take Harry Scary's blood for breakfast! Dispose him out of our company! Never again will we see his God damned antics!

Niko Scott: No.. no.. no.. It cannot be Drake! I hope he is not Drake!

*Niko Scott still covering his face*

Rodrick Jackson: Come on man! How can you be a commentator this way, when you are afraid of your own company's superstar?

Niko Scott: Can't I, huh? It is not a crime to be afraid of someone, you know!

*Tammy Roberts suddenly realized something*

Tammy Robert: No. He is not Drake Reinhardt too!

Harry Scary: And how you know this time?

Tammy Roberts: He likes to chuckle when he talks. An evil, weird and scary laughter that sends chills down anybody's spine. This person has not laugh like that yet, so it cannot be him too.

Harry Scary: Then who can it be? A saint.. (Thinking very deep) A devil.. (Thinking as he shivers) Maybe Kojo.. (Thinking but shaking his head as he don't believe it is him) Perhaps a pretty lady.. (Thinking while in dreamland and producing a wide grin) Or probably a loan shark.. (Thinking of money and whether he owes anybody money) The Bameister.. That's right! The Bameister! (Thinking that he is absolutely right)

Tammy Roberts: What the hell are you doing, talking to yourself? Danger is ahead!

*Harry Scary obviously still in his own world*

Rodrick Jackson: I hope it is anybody that can whip your ass!

Niko Scott: I don't care what you say now, just tell me who this clown is later!

Rodrick Jackson: I cannot believe you are such a wimp!

*Harry Scary suddenly sums up his courage, stands up and shouted at the screamer*

Harry Scary: I know you are The Bameister! Have you finally agree to tag team with me?!

Tammy Roberts: The Bameister? He is? What the hell are you talking about?

*Tammy Roberts still dare not turn around*

Rodrick Jackson: The Bameister! Great! Destroy this fool for insulting you with such a brazen proposal!

Niko Scott: The Bameister? That Psycho? He is the person? I guess he is not as scary as the other two.

*Niko Scott finally taking his hands off his face*

???: The Bameister? What are you talking about? Where is he?

Harry Scary: Hey! You are not The Bameister!

Tammy Roberts: He is not?!

*Tammy Roberts turns around and realized who he is. The camera angle turns also and reveals the screamer as a.. normal staff of the company. All this while they were afraid of a regular staff. Harry Scary looks at him in disgust and embarrassment*

Rodrick Jackson: Ha ha! That moron is afraid of our admin staff! Ha ha! That is 2-0 for our staff against Harry Scary! The cameraman knocks him out with a sucker camera and our admin staff scares the lights out of him! This hero is really heroic, you know Nik! His win-loss record is really amazing as I can see!

Niko Scott: Yeah, yeah!

*Niko Scott also digusted at the admin staff's appearance*

Harry Scary: What the hell you want?! Screaming at me like that! Trying to upend me! Trying to blow my mind off! Trying to get one over me!

Tammy Roberts: Harry! Calm down, Harry! It is just a small matter!

*Harry Scary getting really angry. He looks like he is going to rip the admin staff's limbs apart. His anger is clearly directed at the staff and he makes sure that the staff feels his wrath. Tammy Roberts is trying very hard to cool the extremely furious man down*

Rodrick Jackson: Ha! He is angry because he got scared by an admin staff. Ha!

Niko Scott: I want to see how you feel getting scared like that too.

Rodrick Jackson: I am a brave man, Nik. I will not be perturbed by such nonsense so easily.

Niko Scott: Talk big again, wise guy! That is what you do best.

Harry Scary: What do you want, huh?! What do you have to say for yourself, huh?!

*Tammy Roberts still trying hard to cool Harry Scary down*

Admin Staff: You see, I was calling you all this while and you did not answer me, so I decided to scream out loud for you.

Harry Scary: And that better be good, if not I am going to split you in half!

Niko Scott: You see Rod, Harry Scary can be as scary like his name. He inflicts fear on others, he can also inflict fear on our fellow wrestlers if he knows how to do it!

Rodrick Jackson: Yeah right Nik, he can only inflict fears on smaller people than him. He is a DAMN bully! He is like a classroom bully!

Niko Scott: I don't care what you say Rod, I am very happy that I can see the real Harry Scary inflicting fear and punishment on others!

Admin Staff: Actually I want to tell you that you dropped your wallet back there. Here it is! I am returning it to you now.

Harry Scary: REALLY! That is my wallet? I dropped it? Oh, Thank you very much, my friend!

*Harry Scary suddenly going back to his mild character*

Tammy Roberts: Suddenly, he becomes your friend? I thought you want to tear him apart for scaring us?!

Harry Scary: Aww.. It was just a misunderstanding ya. Anybody can be misunderstood you know.

*Tammy Roberts shrugs her shoulders as she cannot believe what a fast transformation Harry Scary has, while Harry Scary is absolutely grateful that the admin staff found his wallet*

Niko Scott: That was a split second transformation there! Absolutely amazing stuff here by Harry Scary!

Rodrick Jackson: Amazing?! Are you out of your mind? That is amazing?

Niko Scott: You see a great man must react as the situation arises! Why should Harry Scary be angry at a person who found his wallet? That will be unjustly ungrateful and Harry Scary being all about justice will not allow himself to succumb to such wrongdoing!

Rodrick Jackson: NONSENSE! What nonsense! You must have fell in love with thick head!

Admin Staff: See you around, Harry! Do your best in this company! Many people would love to see you as their champion!

Harry Scary: Thank you very much!

Tammy Roberts: You are much feared in Japan I heard?

Harry Scary: Yes, why?

Tammy Roberts: I think it is fake! You got scared by a damn admin staff!

Harry Scary: Scared?! Nah! I wasn't scared! I was looking for my lost coin like I say! You were the one that have your tail between your legs! I think any minute just now and you might pee on you skirt!

*Tammy Roberts feeling very helpless at that rant*

Rodrick Jackson: Thick skull can deny all he like, but his shameless antics can be seen all over the world!

Niko Scott: I will not call it shameless, I call it interesting.

*Rodrick Jackson looks at Niko Scott in despair while Niko Scott looks at Rodrick Jackson with a lip splitting grin*

Tammy Roberts: All right! Ain't much time left, we have to get to The Bameister soon if not I am going CRAZY!

*Both of them continue on to The Bameister's locker room*

(The Bameister you can continue here)
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Harry Scary's Tag Team Quest interrupted by a Joker
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