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 Drake's Lair

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Drake Reinhardt


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PostSubject: Drake's Lair   Tue Aug 03 2010, 01:42

GREGORIAN - AVE SATANI starts playing throughout the arena from PA systems, as the arena goes pitch black.

Tony Jacobs: What?
Vince White: Who forgot to pay the electric bills?
Tony: No, that's not it! It's the NEW #1 contender for Heavyweight Title!

Four druids emerges from the backstage, carrying a coffin to the ring.

Tony: This is scary...

Druids lay the coffin down in the ring and leaves the ring and walks to backstage

Vince: Well, we all know that Drake Reinhardt has some unique entrances, but does it have to be so scary?

Suddenly, the coffin lid opens and Drake sits up as he slowly stares at the crowd. His face is pale, like the moon...
He climbs up from the coffin and asks for a mic. He takes his time the hear the crowd's reactions as he slowly stares around.

Drake: Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls...the ESW Universe....welcome....to Drake's lair....

Vince: What?
Tony: Drake's lair?

Drake: I have put up this special event, not just celebrating my #1 contendership, but to invite a certain superstar to the ring. A superstar, who demolished Peter Balboa. A superstar who is considered as the best in the business. A superstar.....who holds something that i have my eyes on......yes, Uryu Ishida....

Crowd starts to cheer

Drake: You see, Uryu Ishida is not a man to be taken lightly...no, we all saw that Last Blood-match. Peter Balboa was nothing more than a warm up for Uryu. But need i remind you people, that I am the one who beated Uryu Ishida not long ago.....

Drake has a sadistic grin on his face

Drake: Which makes me the favourite in our upcoming title match.....

Drake starts to look at the entrance

Drake: So ladies and gentleman, i give you YOUR ESW Heavyweight Champion, Uryu Ishida!!

*waiting for Uryu's response, and please, give me some room to reply too Smile *
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Drake's Lair
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