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 Moonlight vs. Far Cry pre match interview 2

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PostSubject: Moonlight vs. Far Cry pre match interview 2   Sat Aug 07 2010, 19:43

Tammy Roberts catches Moonlight backstage.

Tammy: Moonlight, can I get your thoughts on Vic Wayne and your match last week?

Moonlight: I think Vic Wayne is an amazing wrestler. He gave me a great run for my money last week and I really had to give it all I had to get the win. It wasn't the optimal match to have just 3 days before my match with Far Cry.

Tammy: Speaking of which, I guess we can all see what you and Kojo had been talking about. So tell me, how do you feel about getting your match with Far Cry?

Moonlight: Honestly Tammy, do you really want me to answer that? I mean really, I've been waiting to get my hands on him since day one. So how do you think im going to feel now that I get a chance to take his ESW TV Championship?

Tammy: Well, It must feel pretty great.

Moonlight: No kidding.

Tammy: Well, that match is up next so I better let you get ready.

Moonlight:Alright. Enjoy the show.

Moonlight begins walking away. Suddenly Far Cry jumps out of a doorway.

Far Cry pulls out a knuckle buster, he puts it on his hand
and nails Moonlight 's skull executing a devastating knuckle buster shot!!

Far Cry uses a nearby chair to perform a headscissors takedown on his opponent's head, putting him on the ground with a double-leg cradle pinning hold, connecting with a Mortal Diving Far Canrana!!

Far Cry walks away leaving Moonlight on the floor.
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Moonlight vs. Far Cry pre match interview 2
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