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 Feud start for DeathMiz/MizDeath

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PostSubject: Feud start for DeathMiz/MizDeath   Sun Aug 08 2010, 20:36

The Deathbringer and The Miz Awesome are walking down the hallway. The Deathbringer appears to be giving Miz a few training tips.

Miz: Hey now.. Remember, You tapped out. Not me.

The Deathbringer: I realize this. And that mistake Won't happen again.

They continue walking. Marko Polo and Summisioner are standing in a corner, Deathbringer shoves Marko out of his way. Miz snorts at them arrogantly.

Marko Polo: Hey! Watch it punk! You got a problem? We're right here.

Miz: That sounds a little bit like a challenge to me. You wanna take your flabby asses and hual them up to the ring?

Marko Polo: Your on! We'll tear you two punks to shreds.

Marko Polo shoves The Miz Awesome to the ground. Deathbringer steps up and glares at Marko.

Marko Polo: You his partner or his body guard?!

Miz Stands up and snorts again.

The Deathbringer: I'll see you in the ring.

Miz: And a tip, try not to fall through the ring when you step into it.

Miz and The Deathbringer walk into their locker room to prepare for the match. Marko and Sumissioner continue their conversation.
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Feud start for DeathMiz/MizDeath
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