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 Vampire's humiliation

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Drake Reinhardt

Drake Reinhardt

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PostSubject: Vampire's humiliation   Tue Aug 10 2010, 15:36

Camera is cut to the backstage where we see Drake Reinhardt sitting on his throne. He isn't moving as he stares down to the ground. He brief silence is broken when Drake rises his head and stares to the camera

Drake: Humiliation......an emotion that will take it's toll on anyone....it burns inside like hellfire, it tortures your soul and makes you feel like tiny, little......human...

Drake lowers his head to the ground again

Drake: My dream....was shattered.....because i wasn't in 100% when i stepped in the ring with Uryu Ishida. I wasn't completely there, because my mind was set for the prize, but i didn't think about the match. I clearly underestimated Uryu Ishida, he truly is the MAN in ESW.....

Again, Drake rises his head and looks at the camera

Drake: But i'm still here, am I?

He has a sadistic grin on his face

Drake: I may be the second best in here, but it will be only matter of time when i gain the number on spot. Uryu Ishida will eventually fall on his own cockiness, and when it happens, i will be there.....i will be there to gain my spotlight of fame, and the ESW Heavyweight Championship. So Uryu....

Drake leans forward

Drake: That title you're holding, take care of it....because it will be mine one day......and how do you know that? Because if i start to play Symphony of the Night just one time, you will never wake up.....There's vacant spot in hell and it has your name written all over it.....one day, Uryu......one day....

Drake takes his chalice

Drake: (raises his chalice) a toast....to your reign, Uryu.......and your downfall.......

Drake starts to drink and spits the blood on the camera as his sadistic laugh is heard when the screen fades to black
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Vampire's humiliation
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