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 Portable Air Bag makes an Impact

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PostSubject: Portable Air Bag makes an Impact   Tue Aug 17 2010, 05:44

Vince White:And a phenominal contest from all four of these athletes!

Portable Air Bag is seen walking down to the ring.

Tony Jacobs: Wait.. What the hell is he doing here. We havn't seen or heard from him much.

Portable Air Bag jumps into the ring and hoists up The Deathbringer, then throws him over the back of his head, over the top rope and outside the ring executing a Devastating Fallaway Slam To Outside! He then turns to The Miz Awesome and grabs him by the throat, lifts him and slams him right into the turnbuckle executing a Violent Chokeslam Onto Turnbuckle. He turns and charges toward Sumissioner and Marko POlo and platns both of them with a Mortal Double clothesline. He walks outside the ring, grabs The Deathbringer, and slams his face into the steel steps, and then throws him into the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring surrounded by the four motionless bodies of Marko Polo, Sumissioner, The Deathbringer and The Miz Awesome. He signals for a microphone.

Portable Air Bag: That my good people...That...Is what we call..Dominance. PURE dominance. I'm here in ESW NOT for MONEY. I want to spill blood! I want to See suffering and be the causer of it! I want to see stars begging for mercy and to no avail! I want to see what you see around me. Battered, Bloody bodies scattered...I've made an impact here tonight. and this isn't the last of it. I will DECIMATE EVERYONE on this ENTIRE freakin' roster! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vince White: My god.. Brutal and vicous beatdown of four phenominal superstars. I'm sure they won't let this one slide.

Portable Air bag exits the ring as referee's and medical personnal head to the ring to tend to the four superstars.
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PostSubject: Re: Portable Air Bag makes an Impact   Thu Aug 19 2010, 16:23

OOC: This RP is meant to be placed straightafter the match

As Portable Air Bag is walking through the corridors backstage, someone is seen in the distance running. As the person gets closer, the person's identity is revealed to be The Deathbringer. The Deathbringer runs up to Portable Air Bag and taps his shoulder.

Deathbringer: What was that about in the ring? We were just gonna win the match fair and square until you showed up! Even if we did win via DQ, it just doesn't feel right!

Portable Air Bag: Like I said, it...is...DOMINANCE!! To stop the pain, you must feel the pain..

Deathbringer: Well I'm a legend in this wrestling business and I'm still feeling the pain.. If you wanna mess up someone's career, do it to someone else's career not mine!

Portable Air Bag: Your worthless career means nothing to me.. You see, when Man faces their Death, they calmly accept it. But when faced with the Death of others, they lie to themselves to try and soften the incredible blow. In your life, that seems entirely true.. You complaining about the match is an example.

Deathbringer: Well you better calmly accept your death next week in the ring! I'm sick of you and your messed up apocalypse gimmick... I know too much about the people like you with the gimmick about death and torture and whatever freakin' piece of crap that you think about and your crazy minds. I've faced them before and beaten them and I've given them what they talk about: suffering.

The Deathbringer puts his hand in his pockets and pulls out a white business card. Portable Air Bag takes it from The Deathbringer and rips it in half.

Portable Air Bag: Is it the fear of going to an open, happy space that prevents us from understanding? If this is an attempt at revenge then you have severe mental issues. I thought you knew my mind very well? You see, I'm of the kind where I kill every day yet I don't know how to die... If you want to face me, I'm fine with that. See you next week.

Portable Air Bag walks away leaving The Deathbringer standing there with a look of disgust and a hint of fear on his face. The camera fades to blackness...
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Portable Air Bag makes an Impact
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