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 No Name interview

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PostSubject: No Name interview   Wed Mar 31 2010, 22:56

*As No Name lifts some weights, interviewer Tammy Roberts for a short interview with No Name*

Tammy Roberts:Hello, No Name, you look as hungry as every body else in this federation, tell me what are you’re plans?

No Name: Well, I’m not gonna sit here all day talking about how dangerous I am, I’ll tell you straight up, If there’s somebody in this federation who think he is that great to defeat me well… I ain’t going nowhere so come and try you’re luck! This is a federation where anything can happen, but my opponent winning, that's not gunna be no dream that come true, EVER!!

Tammy Roberts: Well, you can't be a winner forever now...

*No Name cuts off Tammy*

No Name: NO!! There's a saying, "Victory can last a life time."

Tammy Roberts: It can't.

No Name: Wrong Tammy, IT CAN, but for No Name only...

*He stares at the camera with a confident look on his face*

*Image fades away as No Name continues his workout as the camera man gives Tammy the signal to leave*

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No Name interview
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