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 The tourny

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Black Scorpion

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PostSubject: The tourny   Tue Sep 14 2010, 21:29

The entrance music of Black Scorpion is heard in the entire arena as Black Scorpion goes to the ring with a mic in his hand.He enters in the ring and stops in the middle of the ring looking proud a the crowd.
Scorpion-"Dear ESW fans, I came here to to present your future World Lightweight Champion...ME!"
The crowd begins to boo.
Scorpion-" Oh, no! Don't begin with that! I came here to show my talent and at the end of the tournament I will be the one with the title on his shoulder.There are 8 fightrs who will try to be the tournament winnerand they are: Annihilater who has a match with me tonight...but he doesn't have any chances against me...;Blackflame who fights with Boondox;Deathbringer who fights against Tiger Mask..oh that will be a good match...and the match which is maybe the second greatest match tonight after mine, in which fights Kojo Styles the boss of ESW and DRK, the crazy member of the Hardcore Harmony.We will fight til we'll be nearly deads, watching how the opponent suffers and how he screams, performing spectacular moves and finnaly winning the match.But only one man will win.Me!...I deserve this title more than anyone here...I am more awsome than The Miz...I'm hotter than Blackflame, I am more crazy than DRK and I have more style than Kojo...Tonight I will have my first match which drives me closer to the title...against Annihilater. Yeah Annihilater...I will be the one who will step out from the ring victourios..."
the crowd begins to boo again as Scorpion leaves the ring very proud of himself and sure that he will win the tournament.
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The tourny
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