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 New Place, New Opponents, Same dream

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The British Hawk

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PostSubject: New Place, New Opponents, Same dream   Sat Sep 25 2010, 21:40

Scene opens in a dimly lit locker room. The locker room looks neat and tidy and seemingly untouched, suggesting that there is a new superstar in ESW. The camera focuses on a black bin bag which suddenly rustles as the camera zooms out revealing a very familiar wrestler, It's The British Hawk. The British Hawk looks more well built than after his horrific beatdown which left him at retirement's door which suggests that he has done some extreme workouts in order to get back into shape. He looks at the camera with his charming smile.

TBH- "You know, of all the big federations I have been in. There's something different about this place, I can feel it. I mean I haven't been this excited about a federation ever since I debuted in my first promotional federation."

TBH takes a deep breath and winces a little as he exhales.

TBH- "I guess I'm still not 100% yet. But hey injuries have never stopped me before and I became a double champion because of it."

TBH flashes back to when he won the 2 championships 5 months ago. TBH returns to reality and looks at his scarred right hand.

TBH- "I had 2 operations on this hand. But it was worth it. I've become what I am today by risking life and limb. People know me better than an ordinary bad ass youngster from the dirty streets of London. I have met and befriended some great wrestlers in my travels."

TBH cracks a small smile as he talks.

TBH- "I guess it's time to do it again. This may be a new place with new opponents and obstacles but the dream remains the same. And that dream is to be the top of the federation, holding the most coveted belt they have to offer. That dream will remain the same until I have succeeded it. No matter how many promotions I have to go, no matter who I have to face that dream shall remain alive."

TBH takes another deep breath and winces when he exhales. He starts rummaging through the black bag and pulling out his pair of black wrestling shorts with the white letters: 'TBH'. The camera focuses on the white letters and gradually fades out.
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New Place, New Opponents, Same dream
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