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 X-treme dynasty second show

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Assassin Venom

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PostSubject: X-treme dynasty second show   Thu Sep 30 2010, 22:39

The theme song of x-treme dynasty is heard all over the arena, and three members of x-treme dynasty are walking in to the ring and they are all carrying mics.

They enter the ring together, and Assassin Venom steps in to the middle of the ring

Venom - "Last show was a great moment for x-treme dynasty... "

Venom - "We showed that we are not afraid of anyone... and that no one can push around with us"

The three wrestlers looks proud at each other.

Venom - "We made the Global Champions Far Cry Scream in pain.. and we left his destroyed body on the ground"

The camera fades to the titan trone that shows a film clip of the attack on Global Champion Far Cry, as the croud starts to yell boo.

Venom - "That was only to show that we are deadly and powerfull, and we will not tolerate if anyone tries to stand in our way to ESW domination!!"

The three wrestlers starts to smile in an evil way.

Venom - "And we were not done after that... we didn´t just attack the global champion Far Cry, we also ended the carrer of another wrestler

The croud is in chock and the whole arena is silent, as they hear that x-treme dynasty has ended a carrer of a wrestler.

Venom - "It happened after me and Jack Barretts epic tag team match against sumissioner and High Voltage...

The Arena is still silent as Assassin Venom keeps talking.

Venom - "After i executed my deadly submission fin The Deadly Venom Lock on Submissioner and made him tap.. the only wrestlers in the ring were me, Jack Barrett and High Voltage... and this happened

The Camera fades to the Titan tron, that shows what happened in the commercial break, on how x-treme dynasty ended the carrer of High Voltage.

Venom - "This is a warning to the whole roster off ESW don´t interfere in our business and this might not happen to u..."

Assassin Venom steps back.
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Jack Barrett


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PostSubject: Jaack is mad   Thu Sep 30 2010, 23:00

Jack Barrett takes off his sunglasses and steps forward and folds his sleeves.
Jack Barrett - "I do not think you people deserve the entertainment were giving to you."
Crowd starts to boo
Barrett looks down and smiles, showing off his expensive suit and pretends to be cleaning the shoulders.
Jack Barrett - "But we will keep entertaining you primates with destruction and pain because we enjoy what were doing."

Puts back on his stylish shades.
Jack Barrett - "For now this is it, you are not allowed to be looking at my incredible hotness any longer, so I will leave this ring now and plus you all are making me sick."
Crowd starts to chant "You suck, You suck!"
Jack looks around with a disgust "Pathetic primitive beasts learned the ability of speech... How amusing."
Drops the mic and leaves the ring with a cool-slow walk and slowly fades in the darkness of titantron entrance gates.
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X-treme dynasty second show
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